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I was just wondering ... Tomboys?

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So I'm a pretty boyish girl. I've always been, I guess it's because I was raised with a busy busy busy and traveling mother. My dad was always around, so we watched LoTR, Indiana Jones, Star Wars and so on instead of ... whatever the newest chick flick is... Basically, I'm a big tomboy.

So, I have quite a lot of male friends, and they all say "tomboys are hot/awesome/perfect" and so on, but really? are they just saying that because they know I WILL change myself, if I find out, people isn't that into who I am?

I guess to a point, tomboys are attractive?

I read somewhere that being too boyish get's you stuck in the friend zone, so could anyone tell me, am I too boyish?
I've been a scout for the last 5 years, and it's not girl scouting, as you know it in the states. In Denmark, where I grew up, scouting is climbing trees, making bonfires, sleeping outside in -17 Celsius, walking 50 km and all that stuff. It's something I really enjoy!The mentality of scouting has become my mentality, and nothing really is impossible. I don't mind if my clothes get a bit dirty, and I just DO things. Why wonder too much if you clothes are gonna rip?
I used to ride horses all the time, and i guess that made be a bit tough too. Being thrown of all the time hardens you quite a bit.

I try to stay away from girls, they're just trouble. Only a few is my true friends. I don't really date, it's weird. And flirting isn't my thing either, i just want to be friends.

I'm not afraid of hitting back and fighting. If people piss me off, I'll just leave, and I don't really hide my opinions. If someone insults me, I don't cry, I just talk back, and I swear quite a lot. If it's very offensive, I'll hit whoever's being a bitch!

I'm pretty chill. I don't really gossip, shop a lot or care about my nails. My style is boyish, but feminine, at least I think so. I only own two skirts and one red clothing item, everything else is blue, white, grey, black, brown or green, except some few scarfs. I'm always wearing jeans! *jeans love!*
As for my body, it's ... well... I'm 172 cm and pale, blue eyes with freckles and strawberry blonde hair. I'm not overweight, not skinny either, just normal. My waist isn't really existing, but i have giant and annoying boobs. They're always a target of jokes, and there's a lot of those, I'm telling you, since most of my friends are male.
I do wear make up, but nothing special, just eyeliner and mascara.

Is that too boyish for a girl?
I guess I have to add that I'm ENFP, and always laughing and making new friends :laughing: but no one seems to really like me more than just a friend. *being lonely sucks :sad:*
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In my country it's difficult to find a naturally girlie girl once you leave the city, where the culture is one of rural colonialism and physical work. I grew up with girls like that. What's the question? LOL Are they attractive? Sure. Once you understand guys better, you'll know there is nothing to worry about. You could dress as a carnival clown and still find a boy who wants to be more than friends with you. Relax, do what you want to do and enjoy yourself.
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