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I went through an Identify Crisis and now I know what my MBTI Type is.

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I've been an ENTJ my entire life.

Just reading posts I've made on this forum before I knew what my real type was makes me feel extremely embarrassed.

A friend of mine who's an INTJ identified my MBTI personality type on 07/10/2013 while we were chatting on Facebook after he watched this video. -

Now, I'm in a Facebook Group for ENTJ's and I'm finally starting to gain the higher understanding of MBTI that I've wanted since I was introduced to it in October 2011.

The thing is, I don't even know how remember I found it but I remember having a big ego around the time I was introduced to it and thinking too highly of myself in general.

I was introduced to it in October 2011 and thought it was awesome because I sincerely hate describing things (mainly to my ESFP father who makes my head explode whenever he asks me to explain something to him) and strongly prefer using terminology because it helps me avoid misunderstandings and nothing will make me angrier deep down than someone misunderstanding me and thinking that they understand me.

ENTP's misunderstand me more than any other type. The two most common misconceptions that I've dealt with from ENTP's in my life include them wrongly thinking I take things personally when they're the ones who are taking personally from me and that I try to make myself look good when they're the ones doing that to themselves. Yes, we all take things personally from time to time and do things to make ourselves look good but the ENTP's make it sound like I do it 24/7 when I don't.

Personally, I find ENTP's to be more lovable, irritating, and interesting than any other type and I like the ENFP speaking style more than any other type's speaking style.

I tested as an ENFJ and I think the reason I tested as that is because of the fact that a person I now consider a phoney best friend treated me like an ENFJ. He's an ENTP and he thought he was doing a lot of things to help him which ultimately ended up hurting my feelings more than anything else. I've done my research and it seems like ENFJ's benefit a lot from ENTP's. He thought I was an ENFJ but more in the context of what an ENFJ is and not using MBTI terminology.

In addition to what was said in the above paragraph, a friend of mine who I'm certain is an ENFP tested as an ENTJ and I tested as an INFJ two weeks before he told that test. I think stuff like this is influenced by people naturally acting like the people they discuss personalities with the most.

A year later, I thought I was an ESFJ because of reading too much online. From October 2012 to July 2013, I changed my MBTI type because I couldn't understand myself well at all and was too busy being upset about something that helped between a person I consider a phoney best friend.

Even before I was introduced to MBTI, I always knew there was something similar about a lot of people I've interacted with and MBTI has helped me understand the people I interact with and myself a lot better.

MBTI is an insanely complex subject and I'm trying to use it to make sure I don't end up trusting or being close to the wrong people in my life. So far, I've been very successful with that.

I've mistyped a lot of people in my life with MBTI but everyone does that and I'm learning how to properly know what someone's MBTI type is based on observing the way people socialize and communicate. Speaking of socializing and communication, it really hurts when people you have a deep level of respect misinterpret your way of communicating with them.

ENFJ's and ENTP's look like each other which brings me to another point that I need to address to a lot of people in my life before they start making even more false assumptions about me than they already have. I've dealt with a lot of people in my life who are mislead by looks and sounds, my father is an ESFP and ESFP's take things at face value like that and I basically feel like I've done more good for him in his life than he has in mine. It really hurts being told by your own father that something you do looks dumb after you've done a lot of things to help him and when he has supported you a lot, especially when you know it's just a result of a lack of common sense on his end when he preaches it a lot.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share what MBTI has done for my life and let everyone know how I concluded that I'm an ENTJ.
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