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It's GreenCoyote.

I have been in the forum for a while now.

just wanted to say...

that I am a newly discovered ENFP.

I thought I was an introvert for a while, but thats because my inner light had dissapearred.
kinda sad, but I am not dwelling on it.
I am glad though that I finally figured this out.
there has been a lot of doubt with me and typing myself, (probablly still more to come)
YAY.... not.

but in all seriousness/hilarity.
which are two components that never leave my life.

HI AGAIN!!!!!!:laughing::laughing::laughing:

realizing I am this ENFP type helps a lot, and I have this new philosophy about positive transformations.
how those are the only ones that should count.
I will probablly bring it up soon enough...

thanks to everyone for being wonderful on here and understanding everything. big thanks to the INFJ's.

this sounds more like an ex-tro than an in-tro duction, but it is both. an ending and a beginning.
so yeah...

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heh, welcome to ENFP land :p

That's kind of a big leap from a INFJ, dontcha think?
but you know maybe this will be a good opportunity to realize your true strengths and gifts and share them with the world :)

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