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I recently tried to type our friendship group but I am not sure if its correct. Below I wrote my typings and a brief description of each person. I would really appreciate it if you could have a look and just say whether some of them seem alright or not :)

I'll try to keep it short for each person.

Peson A: My typing ENTJ/INTJ
• Very curious about things and ways to improve things
• Realistic and Critical
• Persuasive and can be manipulative to achieve what he wants
• Can be very intimidating
• Loves people helping them or anything to the point of being extremely helpful or generous. However, people can find him intimidating and sometimes aggressive.
• When he thinks, he is out of it! And sometimes his ideas can be very accurate with little or no evidence or signs from his surroundings. ( like he’s very good with riddles )
• Loves math hates any form of writing it’s a waste of time apparently
• He leads he doesn’t follow and he can go at great lengths to show that.
• Very strategic even for things that you don’t need to
• Always solving problems and finding strategies to solve things
• For him everything is possible with the right strategy
• Sensitive to criticism
• Makes decisions easily

Person B: My typing ISFP
• Very realistic and with no ambition
• She loves looking good but her sense of fashion is bad so she constantly asks other people for advice.
• Over-sensitive to herself and cold to others
• Hates to lead
• She doesn’t think a lot before she speaks and if shes for example irritated she will say things she doesn’t want to
• She can’t keep things to herself
• Too energetic
• She wants to help people but only if her primary needs are satisfied unlike person A he will help no matter what.
• She tends to have predictive gut instinct. ( Sometimes she says- I feel like this is going to happen. And it does strangely)
• She likes talking but when it comes to listening she’s not that great
• Very quick to judge and come to a conclusion
• Doesn’t see an alternative point of view
• Sensitive to criticism
• Can’t make decisions

Person C : My typing ESFP
• Over sensitive and slightly naïve
• Very sociable she can make friends with anyone
• Very close to her parents
• Confident about her looks humble about her brains
• Not very ambitious
• Sensitive to herself and others
• Can be a bit dramatic
• Adheres to group norms and values
• Takes care of her appearance a lot
• Very flirty with everyone
• Too open about her life, probably told other people whats happening in her life
• Sensitive to criticism ( actually too sensitive)
• She gives the impression of an airhead
• Messy

Person D: My typing: ESFP possibly ENFP
• Best liar in the whole universe
• Has a great sense of humour
• He loves people and is usually the one entertaining everyone
• Witty
• His humour can get a bit offensive sometimes
• You can’t really tell when he is not serious
• His goals and ideals can be very unrealistic and somewhat impossible to achieve or impractical
• He changes opinion very easily and has difficulty making decisions
• Very generous bt doesn’t have a sense of dignity or self respect he is more like if the situation requires it I’ll do it
• A manchild
Person E: My typing: ESFJ
• Competitive and likes to be the best of everything
• He hates being alone but when he has to meet new people he hesitates its like he hates the unknown
• He doesn’t think much before he speaks
• Spoiled gets jealous easily
• Not too quiet not too loud
• Worries A LOT to the point of crying. If something goes wrong he worries too much.
• Very sensitive to people’s needs especially if he values them
• Can’t lie at all if he did we find out soon and it was probably something very innocent
• Is really good at memorising but when it comes to doing something random he hesitates. He doesn’t like reading books and in general I believe his intuition is quite low.
• Not spontaneous always well-mannered and liked by most people
• An overachiever
• Hot tempered and always how things should be or whats right and wrong

Person F: My typing: INTP/ENTP

• Enjoys spending time alone
• Shows affection through complaining - being cheesy is fake apparently
• Usually very distant and cold doesn’t ask for help to solve her problems but sometimes she has breakdowns for the most random reason ( shes not very good with feelings)
• A bit aggressive but in general not very caring, supportive or thoughtful of others
• Doesn’t like to be controlled
• She used to bottle things up but recently shes more expressive especially for things she doesn’t think are fair.
• Strong sense of justice
• Very spontaneous
• Very messy and lazy
• Jack of all trades
• Her ideas seem out of Earth and she is 24/7 starring in space or thinking about something ( we tell her she thinks too much)
• She makes friends easily but rarely connects with people
• Gets very enthusiastic talking about her ideas. Can be sensitive to criticism but it depends on the topic.
• Quite relaxed until deadlines are present then she panics
• Doesn't like making decisions but she does without the help from others
• Absolutely loves learning its just hard for her to stick to one thing
• Gets pranked a lot because she believes everything. She says it’s because she can imagine it happening.

Thank you for reading this :)
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