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Hello, lately I've been looking into Socionics and I need some help typing myself. Take a look if you can and tell me what you think :]

Personal concepts

1.What is beauty? What is love?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Art is an act to capture beauty. Beauty is better than the rest. Such a simple thing, but hard to explain. It's pure and free and smiling back at you. With the right perspective everything is beautiful. Many things are beautiful to me, a mundane glass of water might sparkle if you hold it at the right angle against the window :)

Love is a FEEL that rises you, makes everything somehow a little bit brighter. If it's strong, you will drown in the feeling, not caring for air or other earthly things it's LOVE you want to breathe. That is more of a romantic love, though. See, there are different kinds of love. I guess it boils down to mutual respect and warmth.

2.What are your most important values?

Honesty.Being true to yourself and not necessarily the social code. Being loyal. Live and let live.

3.Do you have any sort of spiritual/religious beliefs, and why do you hold (or don't) those beliefs in the first place?

I don't hold any religious beliefs. I agree with most of the teachings(like the Golden rule is in pretty much every religion) but I don't give trust to any God. Lately I've been studying buddhism and I find it intriguing. I can't say more with certainty. I believe in the man ,unity and making the world worth living, not waiting for the after life. However I think that somehow we all are connected, that there is something otherwordly in all of us.

4.Opinion on war and militaries? What is power to you?

Here in Finland one year military service is mandatory. I was going to do non-military service, which is, well, peaceful... A month back I changed to military service. I was very idealistic when it came to war and military. I don't want to kill another human being. Well, I guess no one wants, but I'd rather let myself be beaten than hit back. I've grown out of some of that idealism. World just doesn't work the way I'd like it to. So,to keep it simple I guess I'd say that some military force is needed to keep the peace (not ideally, but realistically), and war has no winners.

Power is what makes others dance at your command, isn't it? I don't much care for power, I'm alright with not being the top-dog as long as I can do my own thing.


5.What have you had long conversations about? What are your interests?Why?

I'm interested rap music and poetry, and I was pondering on this fixation a while back. I guess it's because I find it really hard to articulate my thoughts and emotions in a way that both delivers the depth and makes sense to others. Poetry is just that, isn't it?

Long conversations, I don't know. Music, I guess. Or just day to day. What people are up to, like what they really want to get from life. In the end I think that I have the ability to steer the conversation in the direction of others, make them open up. The same is really hard for me. I don't wear my heart on my sleeve.

6.Interested in health/medicine as a conversation topic? Are you focused on your body?

Yes. I like to work out, because it makes me feel good in general, and about myself. I enjoy health talk,the differences between green and black tea for an example 8). I am focused on the image of my body. I'm not necessarily confident about it, more like concerned. In my head I worry about others' opinions.

7.What do you think of daily chores?

Dull. I'm bad with routine even though I try to stick to it. I clean in bursts and after I get started it's not that bad.

8.Books or films you liked? Recently read/watched or otherwise. Examples welcome.

Younger I loved the Harry Potter series. Game of Thrones is another great book series. I adore Terry Pratchett's work. I'm into fantasy, both high and low. I like to immerse myself in other worlds.

When it comes to films I love comedy and sad stuff. Click! is just a great movie. Nobody was a movie I couldn't finish, it was too sad. In general I love stuff where I can watch the characters closely, and feel what they are going trough. Amelie and The American Beauty were also superb films.

9.What has made you cry? What has made you smile? Why?

I'ma very sensitive person, it doesn't take that much to make me sad orhappy. It infuriates me that usually I have to, well I feel like Ihave to hide what I'm going trough. I'm far more softer than I let on. This sounds stupid but I cry for so many things and I can't help it.
Random acts of kindness make me smile. Thoughtful deeds and such.

But this is hard. I guess I evaluate the thing upon seeing it and weigh the goodness of it on this inner scale of justice. Then I react.

10.Where do you feel: at one with the environment/a sense ofbelonging?

With close friends :) When going for an evening stroll and getting an epiphany. When I walk alone in the home I grew up. When a familiar animal comes to greet me :)

Sometimes I just lay on the floor. Let everything burdening and ultimately futile just slip away and breathe.

Evaluation& Behaviour

11.What have people seen as your weaknesses? What do you dislike about yourself?

Not sticking to time's and difficulty to take any criticism. I avoid conflicts. I don't speak up when I should. Wasting time. Some people say that I can't take anything seriously, but that's not true. I'm a very serious person, I just mask it well... I'm selfish and hypocritical in peace and love when I'm mostly just looking out for myself.

12.What have people seen as your strengths? What do you like about yourself?

Optimism, taking the lemons of life and eating them.I'm a pretty cheerful person in general. I love life even though sometimes it's hard to remember that it's worth living. I like that I'm able not to take myself so seriously. That I can do stupid things and disregard what others think. I'm a loner and at peace with being alone. I have an original touch to things and I'm creative.

13.In what areas of your life would you like help?

Well, I guess that would be wanting help. I can't do everything on my own but it's hard for me to share that thought.

14.Ever feel stuck in a rut? If yes, describe the causes and yourreaction to it.

Lots of times. The causes are when I notice that the days are identical to each other and nothing new is going on. I need to do something, I need to feel productive and worthy. Two reactions: either I get up and get something done or I get down and depressed.

People& Interactions

15.What qualities do you most like and dislike in other people? What types do you get along with?

I like people who are joyful in general and do stuff. The original ones, or well, the weird ones. I love people who can make people laugh. People who like to take it slow and not so seriously are always welcome. At the same time I find it tiring to hang out with people who care too much about what I care about them. I expect some maturity and respect of personal space. I guess I dislike people surfing on the more shallow side of life.

16.How do you feel about romance/sex? What qualities do you want in a partner?

Qualities I respect are originality, spontanity, open-mindedness. I don't much care for one night stands. I feel like it's too much effort for what it's worth. I'm looking for a connection that I think is so idealized it's almost non-existant. Yet there it is.

17.If you were to raise a child, what would be your main concerns, what measures would you take, and why?

Being a good father would be my main concern. That means looking out for the kid. Letting the kid grow as himself, being there for him and making meals. I would do everything that needs to be done, I'm sure. I want to give my kids the experience I never had. A close family. Or at least father. I have no idea how that would work on the concrete side of things but I'd make it work.

18.A friend makes a claim that clashes with your current beliefs. What is your inward and outward reaction?

Outwardly I might just shrug it off but inwards I get angry. Actually with friends and not unfamiliar people I would speak my mind and clash them. First I'd try to argue, if that fails then just to make them see it from my point of view. If that fails I might just shrug it off, agree to disagree.Depends on the thing but I'm pretty rigid with the few things I care about, so I probably wouldn't reconsider my stance easily.

19.Describe your relationship to society. How do you see people as awhole? What do you consider a prevalent social problem? Name one.

I'm not sure. I think society as a whole is digging a hole for itself and there is a lot of injustice going around. People in general do not care about others and value materialistic stuff too much. We are constantly busy and life has so many opportunities for us if we were just to grab them, but like the steady morning traffic they are slipping away, not in a blink but anyway.

I quit my studies as a social counsilor. I figured I wanted to help people but I'm not so sure anymore. There is too much to do and change requires more than my 9-5. I feel powerless in the face of society and now I'm just looking to get away. I hate the city I live in, I hate these shopping malls, they make no sense to me. I just want a peaceful piece of land and a dog. Or something like that.

People are the problem and there is no cure for that so in the end I guess I'm just looking to get away.

20.How do you choose your friends and how do you behave around them?

I don't think I've made a new friend in like five years. I like the people I like. They are awesome and weird and pathetic in their own ways and so am I, but we know that and respect each other. I'm much more open with friends. I just say what's on my mind and not overthink and evaluate what's on my mind. I'm looking to have some fun, make something meaningful out of us being here now in the same place so I guess I try to inspire them.

21.How do you behave around strangers?

I try to befriend them too fast I guess. Either I'm just awful quiet and shy or I'm telling them exaggerated stories to win them over. I guess I want them to like me. It's annoying but I can't help it. But yeah, I over think what they are thinking about me and rarely act naturally. However, if it's just working out then I'm pretty laid-back and supportive in all their endeavours.
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