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If an experience was richly beautiful, personal and subjective to you alone..why would there be a need for consensus or validation from others to understand it? Why would anyone need outside validation to determine all the tools of happiness that might be personal to only you?

Shouldn't there be lines to separate certain aspects of your personal life and connections to the outside world?

I'm sorry, I suppose I am an alien because

  • I get annoyed thinking that certain things which are beautiful and creative to me have to be subjected to possible consensus or validation.
  • I get annoyed thinking that society seems to think something is wrong when an individual chooses to separate subjective world and objective world, thus striking a balance from there.
  • I get annoyed with the human condition of wanting to prove themselves right all the time simply because I don't see the point
  • I get annoyed because I don't think I'm being irrational. If anything I'm being even more rational.
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