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If Female INFP's Personality Were Based On A Time Period...

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... I believe we'll be the 40's or 50's. I mean, think about it... The women at those times were so motherly, caring, soft, sensitive (They seem to cry a lot in really old movies at that time, lolololol.), feminine, and wanted nothing more but pure unadult rated love, where a family can be formed and bonded together forever to come.

Not to mention, we have some serious style going on. XD

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I think probably the 60s... but then again I'm a bit of a flower girl :crazy:

I don't think of myself as motherly. I don't even want children. I'm pretty sure every other INFP wants kids, just as much as every other woman wants kids... but honestly it would be too much of a drain on my time, emotions, and resources. Raising a kid isn't for me :unsure: I'll gladly watch my friends' kids every now and then but I'm not at all "motherly". Or family oriented. Families are pretty messed up.

Love between two people? Adventure? Freedom? Those are things for me.
I wholeheartedly agree. The decade before the 60's for me would be hell... McCarthyism and paranoia. It's fine to think about the romantic vibe about it but I'm a bit more politically inclined so that would be a big chunk of how I'd be living. I'm a much more liberal and free-thinking woman who doesn't like to be held back by stereotypes. Kids are definitely not for me, I honestly don't even like most of them. Far too childish myself. :tongue:
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