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If Female INFP's Personality Were Based On A Time Period...

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... I believe we'll be the 40's or 50's. I mean, think about it... The women at those times were so motherly, caring, soft, sensitive (They seem to cry a lot in really old movies at that time, lolololol.), feminine, and wanted nothing more but pure unadult rated love, where a family can be formed and bonded together forever to come.

Not to mention, we have some serious style going on. XD

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Well, I'd probably be one of the following:
Ancient Rome, Greece, or Egypt
Feudal Japan
Renaissance Italy/France
Late 60s California
80s United States

I do like the 1920s-1940s in music, poetry, cinema, etc. There is a great gorgeous aesthetic and then a beautifully tragic and cynical mood/attitude/worldview to the era.

But then, I'm androgyne.

Most INFP females, I think of them as being more like the 1700s/1800s (Europe).
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Well, my headfix is 7w6, I'm all for hedonism (especially as a cultural countermovement). :proud:
I don't know my enneagram stats, but hehe, actually when I was a late teenager, I got into the hedonism aspect (counterculture movement) of the 60s quite a bit, actually. I usually tested as an ENFP those days.....
7s are known for hedonism/Epicureanism. I'm SOOOO Epicurean. :laughing: I don't see anything wrong with that.
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