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Dino Talk

I don’t like jumping. It’s too tiring. I’m too heavy to leave the water behind me. So I just ate what I could in my ocean. The food hanging over my ocean was rancid. But then the fish in the water started disappearing. But still I persisted. There has to be more fresh fish somewhere. They must be hiding. I swam around my ocean until I was back at the beginning, waiting for more fish. Until I felt the zap. My body was on fire even though I was underwater. It hurts. I leaped out of the water and eat the dead fish along the way. There’s no more fish in my ocean no matter how many times I circle it, so I have to jump to stop feeling the pain in my stomach. Even though all I want to do is swim all day and eat fresh fish all night, I have to jump and work for rotten fish from now on. When will I have fresh fish again?


It feels very warm over here. Life is cosy in my home. But I’m becoming too big for it. Oh, it’s cracking! Ah, it’s colder out here. I’m being picked up. Are you my mother? No! Ow! Why are you poking me ? That hurt. It’s painful. Life outside my home is painful. I hate this. I hate being outside! Argh!!! Oh. Oh no, what have I done? Were you the one talking to me through the walls of my cosy home? Why aren’t you moving anymore? You smell delicious though. Is it okay if I eat you? I’m sure you won’t mind. There is only old flesh hanging from above. Is that my mother? I must get out of here and be reunited with her. Hm, I do not see my mother anywhere. My home was warm. She was warm. I will run to the warmth. No one will stand in my way. Oh look, I’ve made new friends, though they say I have not seen my mother. They say that I am crazy. There are no mothers here. Now they’re attacking me! I must fight my friends now. I have killed some of my friends. Hey, you look like a smaller version of me! And you’re older. Are you my mother? No, why are you attacking me? Aren’t you my friend?

I have three sisters in my home here and a father. We grew up together and played together. I love chasing pigs and winning and even though I don’t have to share my food with those three slowpokes, I do it anyway. We are a pack. The food is good. Life is good. Though father sometimes makes us do some really inane things. I don’t really understand why we can only do things after we hear the clicking noise, but it seems to make father happy, and he brings us food, so that’s what I’ll do. Oooh! We’re going on a hunt. Woah, is that a long-lost cousin of ours? She’s gigantic! She says that she’ll find her mother and then she’ll help us find ours. That would make my sisters and my father so happy! Yes, let’s work together! No one will stand in our way, not even our father. But what if… what if it was all a lie? What if there is no mother? No! We nearly killed our father. Our cousin is wrong. We must stop her. We have killed her. Someone is coming. Is that our mother? No, that is not our mother, but it is a new friend. Our father has a new family now, so I tell my friend to let him live in peace. Wait, where are my sisters now?

Round and round I walk with a burden on my back. It's been this way since as long as I could remember. A sharp pain. Will I be able to finally rest now?

I can barely extend my wings without hitting someone when I am resting on the branches. There is shit everywhere! I fear that one day I will die face down in a shit pile. That would be a bad way to die for someone who was born for the sky. I gaze up at it every night, but there is a glass ceiling blocking me from touching it, or even tasting the air beyond. I know that it tastes different out there. It just has to. One day… Oh! A hole! Freedom! Wow! The sky is even bluer, the grass is even greener, the world is even wider. Where shall I go? What shall I do? Oh, I have found a new toy. I swoop up and down and through the air and water, with nothing to hold me back! This is amusing, even the water is cooler on my feet. Hey, wait, the sky is leaving me. I try to flap my wings, but I can’t fly anymore. Why can’t I reach the sky anymore?

Ah, night time. A night for peace, sleep, and… What the fuck is all that noise and what is that fucking bright light in front of me? I just want to sleep. Is it too much for a girl to ask for her beauty sleep? Oh shut it. Oh fuck, so you’re the cause of all this light and noise, and I swear right after I had a good dinner too. Alright, cat fight! Or dinosaur fight. Shut up! Just be quiet, be quiet, be quiet! There! Done! A little wet, but no more commotion. Only I rule the roost now. This island is now my bedroom and I demand silence from everyone! Hear me as I roar from the helipad! Okay, now, everyone, bugger off. Why can’t I get a good night’s sleep?

Things are warm and nice in my round little home. Hey, the temperature is getting colder and colder...
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