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Steer clear from the mountain
The slope is too steep
Stay away from the fountain
The water's too deep
Don't break your leg to get your foot in the door
They've got enough people now fighting the war
Don't stand on the ledge and pretend you can fly
Put your best foot forward and it's a sure thing you'll die

Don't go digging for treasure
The gold's already been mined
Don't sacrifice pleasure
You know it's too hard to find
Embrace your wisdom
For as long as you can
And if it's raining down rubies
Cover your head and hold out your hand

You've only got this one chance to breathe
Don't worry about wearing your heart on your sleeve
Everyone's check will be cashed in the end
And the more that you save, the more you can spend

Listen when I tell you as best as I can
That not everyone will be your biggest fan
The best you can do is spread good will to man
And if they can't lift a finger, please lend them a hand
For knowledge is power and wisdom is rare
So keep level headed when the world seems unfair
Don't be too narrow, but walk the straight line
And when they close the door on you, keep an open mind
Reap what you sow and collect what you earn
Practice what you preach and teach what you learn
And don't claim to be more than you know that you are
You might not reach the sun, but at least try for a star
You've got a long life to live, many miles to roam
Don't ever feel lost, you can always come home
So hold your head high, with honour and with pride
'Cause a man can't be something with nothing inside

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beautiful :)
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