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Well this is annoying, I've got the perfect song - which always felt how it feels inside my head - but it's in Dutch!
He's not the best singer (understatement) but his texts are fantastic, and this one is pure Ni.

For those who are up for an adventure, here is the rough translation:

Inside my head, everything is very simple
Inside my head, everything falls into place
No decay, no wailing advertising
Welcome, welcome, in my head

There is time for any direction
There is room for any verse
There is peace to watch over everything
It's pleasant to stay inside my head

There is water for those who really want to drink
There is work, which was nevertheless promised
There are slogans for who wants to believe them
But the core is in my head

During the day, there is confusion
During the day, tracks runs death
During the day, you have to wriggle every which way

Inside my head, are no misunderstandings
Inside my head, everything remains unharmed

In balance, and unspoken

Apparently, your thoughts disappear
until the light is completely extinguished
But as long as I can discern something in there
I continue to wander in my head
Yes, as long as I can discern something in there
I continue to wander in my head

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this whole album feels INFJ as fuck. I don't know how to put it into words, but it just does, and I say this independently of my other, more legitimate reasons for liking it.

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Came across this song in a xm radio playlist

We walked til our souls wore thin
With any luck we did it again
We got drunk til the sun went down
But it was funny cuz it never did

Need help, it’s down
Her color isn’t color
Father in winter
Mother in summer

That’s when I realized

I never want to live a real life
I’m not ready for the real life

Real life wasn’t what I wanted
What I wanted was a waste of time
If time is money then money
Means nothing

Wherever you are
I’m already there
Your friend is now
Now is never

(Chorus x2)
I never want to live a real life
I’m not ready for the real life

(Verse + Chorus)
Wherever you are (I never want to live a real life)
I’m already there
Your friend is now (I’m not ready for the real life)
Now is never


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This one's to do with the hook and my introvertedness, how much I value it and how misunderstood that is, and how I don't like it when I go for days without proper introvert time. All expressed in a very ESTP way, cutting straight to the chase; see you can come through here and think it's good, but you ain't got no bizness in my hood! Which is exactly how I feel when my introvert time is messed with :D

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I am the cavalry captain
I am the remedy to your heart
I am the carbon collected
I am the printing upon your stars

And when you sharp shine your eyes
Looking lost, looking bright
Wheel away on the light brigade

And if only for a second
(Only for a second)
And if only for a time
(Only for a time)
And if only for a second
(Only for a time)
And if only for a time
We'll be alive
We'll be alive

I am the cavalry captain
I am the remedy to your heart
I am the carbon collected
I am the printing upon your stars

There is a world, there is a time
Looking calm, looking kind
Wheel away at the break of day

And if only for a second
(Only for a second)
And if only for a time
(Only for a time)
And if only for a second
(Only for a time)
And if only for a time
We'll be alive
We'll be alive

I am the cavalry captain
I am the remedy to your heart
I am the carbon collected
I am the printing upon your stars

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Ohh, I've wanted to describe why I think this song is INFJ for a while now and I finally stumbled across this thread. I base this on Lyrics/ overall song vibe. The song is "I feel Everything", by Idina Menzel (Disney fans know her.) I might be off base here, so I would appreciate it if an INFJ could tell me if they think it fits or not; don't worry, I can take the criticism :)

Overall: Very focused on how the emotions of others affect one person. It hurts them because the emotions of their loved one happen to be very negative, and this person can't really see/ appreciate that. The singer finds it harder and harder to go on, feeling the pain of another person so deeply. Like Fe, it's always "put the other person first," this song questions if it is worth it to love despite the hurt it causes and that eventually, everyone has their breaking point despite being so empathetic. This song is not Ni simply because of it's symbolism but because it is imagining a future that could be better, but because of that other person this future is unlikely to come to fruition. Regardless of type, I think it sends a good message about the pitfalls of never putting yourself first and the pain that so often comes with being so deeply empathetic and caring.

Now, I'll analyze some of the lyrics (this is where a second opinion would really come in handy.)

Like a prima ballerina
I tip toe, tip toe around you constantly
I hear the water running
Will it wash your tears or leak through the ceiling?
Make my way up a spiral staircase (Ni symbolism and theoretical questioning.)

When you're furious
When you start to freeze
When you can't be touched
I feel everything
And when you despair
When you cannot breathe
When you wouldn't dare
I feel everything
When you're in ecstasy
But you're not with me
I feel everything
(VERY Fe. The downs and almost but not quite ups all affect the person. Heck, they can't even breath when their loved one can't. I may not be Fe, but I can understand why it hurts so much thanks to the deep emotion Idina portrays.)

On a tightrope
On a wire
I'll attempt to jump through a ring of fire
I am waiting all the while
For a glimpse of something to bring us higher (Ni, Future possibilities, filled with hope.)
One little foot in front of the other
Don't you know I'm afraid of thunder (Fe hates confrontation)

There's a fine line between love and hurting
And knowing when to walk away (Fe and how it takes a lot to stop sacrificing for others.)

Anyway, that's my interpretation. But I'm all for a different one and I wonder if INFJs relate to it or not.

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DEEP DOWN this is every INFJ, we just want to access that inf Se, we just want to flex

~listen for chorus~

Man I just wanna go flex
Gold on my teeth and on my neck
And I'm stone cold with the flex
With my squad and I'm smokin' up a check

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I'd say an INFJ who isn't on a very healthy stage and battling with a lot of things within him/herself. Long song, lyrics on spoilers.

(In the) Black Room

I was thinking about thinking
but it really didn't get me very far,
so I thought I'd throw a Tarot,
but I only got the Priestess and the Star.
There's a shadow cast between the future and the past;
the room and I agree to buy some time....
The cards don't tell truth nor lies,
only options and cusp lines:
the furniture in the black room.

I've been thinking about acid,
but, it seems, there's not a reason to believe.
I don't make a vital breakthrough
and it walks me like a dog upon a lead.
It's all unreal and, the way I feel,
I'd like to try and make it on my own....
Going to the feelies is fine:
I really have me a good pleasure cruise.
But, deep in my mind,
I'm no better or worse, just open to the walls.
Paint peels in the black of my room.

I'm only talking about myself, ordering the treasure shelf,
documenting these present feelings as the future sets me reeling....
What I'll be is what I am,
I'm simply trying not to sham or fake.
Use vision as sense and not as crutch!
It doesn't matter all that much;
whatever happens we'll all survive,
I'm only trying not to pawn my life.

When I'm (maybe) old and strait-laced,
shall I then deny all that I feel?
In words of bitter compromise,
re-smelt the wrath that's in my eyes like steel?
Be a hermit then?
Or be a miser?
Be a man who hasn't managed yet to write his rules?
The Fool?
The future holds my hand in the room....

Well, then, my ghosts shall steer down through the years
and lay a hand upon my soul
like ice.

So: onto the familiar top steps!
In cloud-scud moonlight glow
the Tower reels.
I, the blind man,
feeling for a path I know...
don't you know that I'm only feeling for how to feel?

Rats run.
Snakes coil.
stare out at the whispering night;
rub mud on their arms.

Mud boils.
whimper in the human vortex;
faces glow of worms.


I think it's coming,
all signs are very near, all signs are that
pain shall come
and change shall run
down through my heart
and shake my knees
and now it is coming,
all around is the humming
of the World.

Too late, with my balance gone,
dead-eyed doll,
I'm falling, falling
back to where I began....

I'm feeling like a kid again,
I'm feeling like I just walked in the door,
and with my head on fire
I wrote this song - I don't know who it's for.
Hands held fast in camera,
I'll swear I heard the Stammerer exclaim:
"I am a traveller, unraveller,
I only live through pain, and shame, and change!"

In my room, the secret tomb, I can see
future forms, space/time storms:
they're all me,
and I've only got to choose!

In my head I am dead if I fall
in the trap,
the subtle lap,
safety's pall....
but I'm living while I choose....
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