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So I've been getting more into Enneagram recently, and I'm unsure of my tritype. As the title confirms, I shall bestow upon you my cat and also innumerable amounts of love + respect. Now, I just kind of want to know what you guys think of my tritype from me answering some of the questions. If it helps, my MBTI is ENTP. Oh, and I have aspergers.

What drives you in life? What do you look for?
I'm driven by a thirst for creativity and ideas. I tend to be bored by the "normal" way of living, and I tend to need more constant fun than most people. I guess I'm looking for love a little bit, and I'm often romanticizing my experiences. I'm also driven by a need to be different, and I hate the idea of being truly normal.

What do you hope to accomplish in your life?
I don't really know... I'd actually love to be a filmmaker. Something about the idea of getting my ideas and characters onto the big screen (or small screen) seems really awesome. I'd like to get married and settle down eventually as well.

What do you hope to avoid doing or being?
Normal stuff, and being normal. I also don't like to come across as annoying or pretentious (being quite an eccentric guy, it's always possible.

What are your biggest fears?
I guess being alone. I hate the idea that there's no one out there that can love me for who I am. (I know that sounds like either romantic crap or total BS). I'm also afraid that I'll become an unoriginal copy of someone else. I'm not really scared about that much though, and in general I'm relatively chilled.

How do you want others to see you? How do you see yourself?
I'd like to be seen as an eccentric, passionate, intellectual and confident guy. To be arrogantly honest, I see myself as that already. I'm pretty happy with who I am and my situation, but I'm a bit all-over-the-place with my feelings. I guess that counts as being on the edge. I don't want to be seen as superficial, though, that always bugs me. I'm convinced that my view of myself is accurate.

What makes you feel your best? What makes you feel your worst?
I feel great when I'm complimented by a stranger, or the like. I also feel good when people laugh at my jokes. I feel bad when, well, when the reverse happens. I hate being insulted or treated badly for no apparent reason.

Describe you would respond to a: Anger, b: Shame and c: Anxiety.
a: My anger tends to be vindictive and strongly personal. I wouldn't describe my anger as being any different to the next man's anger, tbh. I usually get over it pretty quick, unless it was something really mean.

b: OK, so I'll let you (or maybe just a greasy old stranger browsing the net) in on a secret. I don't really have any shame. In fact, I get really bothered when people take stuff too seriously. My view is that people should mostly just laugh it off. It's pretty hard to make me feel ashamed, and if you try to I'll usually sarcastically ignore you.

c: I usually let loose long strings of fun facts, personal opinions and basically anything I'm thinking. I rarely get anxious (unless in the presence of extremely "important" people) but when I do I tend to get a bit hyperbolic. Quite often, my anxiousness becomes very contradictory as I lose all social inhibitions. The response is usually laughter and entertainment from those I'm trying to impress.

Describe how you respond to a: Stress, b: Unexpected Change and c: Conflict
a: I usually spend long amounts of time alone trying to piece together a solution. I can often become snappy, irritable and pessimistic - which is the direct opposite of my usual temperament.

b: LOVE IT. I'm quite adaptable and so any change (expect negative change) merely motivates me. For me, change is quite the opposite of a problem.

c: I am actually pretty comfortable in situations of conflict. I enjoy debates and arguments, so conflict usually excites me. I love outwitting people, but when my opponent's level of intellect is on par with mine, that just makes it more fun if anything.

Describe your orientation to a: Authority and b: Power
a: I'm indifferent (and sometimes mocking) of authority. If the figure of authority is fair and just, I tend to have respect for them. However, if the authority figure sucks, I will openly disregard them. I like being a figure of authority, but only if it's in a field I enjoy/am good at.

b: I reckon I handle power fairly well. If it's something I'm truly passionate about, I can lead extremely well. But if it's a topic I'm not that good at, I can fail badly. I like power, but I don't let it control me and I don't actively seek it.

I hope that gives you guys enough information. Thanks very much for typing me! Your kitten will come in the mail tomorrow between the working hours of 11:00 and 21:00

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I'm no expert, but from the first answer it seemed pretty obvious that your dominant type is a 4w5. Your tri-type had me confused for a second there though, but I'm pretty sure you're probably a 4w5 8w7 5w4. You seem to be an so/sx dominant.

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Imo, when 4s talk about things like being different, creativity, experience, etc., things like that, there's more of an emotional aspect in it. I think a lot of that was very 7ish

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I would like a cat. But all I can say is the 7 is strong with you. 7's are very outgoing and adventurous.

Alas maybe half a cat?

Here are the 27 tritypes if you want to read through them all and see what resonates:

and this test was the most accurate one I have found:

Specifically, I took the test, and organized my results like so:
Okay I got 4, 9, and a tie between 3, 5, and 6.

So tritype should be
Head: 5, 6, 7
Heart: 2, 3, 4
Gut: 8, 9, 1

And then I read the tritypes description.

4, 5, 9: "The Contemplative" or
4, 6, 9: "The Seeker"

This may work for you, or it may not because of Te vs Ti differences.
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