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I'm so grateful I made my way back to Vipassana; I'm so grateful I got sequencing problems and took the pills in the wrong order, and lived to say it plainly:

I came as close as I ever hope to giving up because of pain, isolation, being ostracized by religious persons who said Jesus is their god, though no atheists were reaching out either.

I got a history of hurting a hell of a lot; My husband says he's never known anyone who can stand more pain, especially emotionally.

Well, I reached my limit back in July 2015. I don't want to test that limit ever again.

Vipassana meditation as well as walking meditation, range-of-motion and gentle yoga, playing and being serious on this forum; and yes, Pickles' company... and of course, my husband's love...

All of it in combination is helping me bear up under what a few others have flat out told me, they couldn't cope with.

I don't want to just cope, though some days that's all I got; I want to become more open in the only way that matters.

"K----- has more heart than anyone I've ever known."

I want to hear those words and believe them because they're true, and it shows.

Love isn't a word nor a sensation or emotion.

Love is action.

I'm working on it.
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