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okay so yesterday I took the test I got 9 and my 9w1 and 9w8 wing were both even 13.7 So I was balanced
and also had these wings in me 6w7 , 2w3 , 6w5 , 7w6 , 5w5, 8w9 theres was more. That it roughly.

However the second results of the test I got type 9 but was more 9w1 14 and 9w8 13.5 so I pretty close to both. My other wings were completely different I got a 5w6 as the next highest in this I didn't have that in the last result and I got 6w5 and 6w7 again , I found I had a 7w8 in this too. The numbers were different

But however my second time results were more researched as when I didn't know what a word meant I researched the meaning to give a accurate yes or no but the first time just clicked anything. Even though it was the same rest with only a days different. Do I believe the second time results or the first time?
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