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I'll admit, I'm a bit nervous. I know I don't have ENTPhobia, but...when you're looking at the definitely gets the heart racing. Ooh...I'm lightheaded...the nerves...

Alright, before we get into this, let's just go over some basic safety. For everybody out there watching, yes, I have taken all the proper medical precautions. What we have right here, is a fluffy cat, in case my body reacts negatively to the ENTPenom. Now I will note there are no reported cases of humans dying from the bite of an ENTP. The bite is very painful, causes naseau, stomach cramping, vomiting, dry mouth...a lot of pain for several hours so I do not want to be bitten. Alright...

I'm Coyote Peterson...and I'm about to POST...

in the ENTP subforum.

Are you ready.

Here we go.




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I mean, from a purely statistical standpoint, there should be some out of normal range
Agreed. Yet still suspect.

I can assume that it is post on arbitrary threads that do not merit thanks.
Usually that is the INFJ kinda scenario.

Just from my small sample size round these parts. I dont leave ENTP land too often though.
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