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Okay, I confess, I am an INTJ. My friends call me Alex and I'm from Ireland.

Since I have time I'm going to fill out this thingy. :tongue:

Personal ~

* Name - What do you preferred to be called? Alex or Wandering or a combination.

* Male/Female/Trans? Female

Location - Where were you originally born? Where do you live today? Any interesting story behind that?
- If you could get up and go anywhere in the world at the present moment, where would you go and why? I was originally born in Ireland and I still live there. If I could move anywhere it would be Switzerland, London or Tokyo though the first and the third would be more suitable as extended holiday destinations than as a place for me to live due to the language barrier.

Age - How old are you? Do you think you act your age? If not, explain which age you think you resemble most. Do it for the laughs. I'm 16. I think I actually tend to act older than I am around except for when I am with a few select people in which case I can get quite giddy. Most of the time I act very old though, considering how immature I apparently should be.

Personal(ity) ~

* What is your Myers-Briggs personality type and for how long have you been reading on personality theory? I've been reading about personality theory on-and-off now for about 10 months, I'd guess. My Myer-Briggs personality type is INTJ.

* What type do you usually test as? I've once tested as INTP, all the others I tested as INTJ.

* What are your favorite and least favorite personality types to be around? I prefer being around INxJs and ENTPs. That covers pretty much all of my close friends. I find ESFJs and ESFPs taxing, although maybe that's just the ones I know. :laughing:

Occupation ~

* Employed or Unemployed? I'm the Irish equivalent of a high school student so unemployed. :tongue: I'm in Transition Year/4th Year which is an optional year after the first set of state exams. In Ireland, it goes up to 6th Year and then we sit the second state exams (the Leaving Cert) in 6 or 7 subjects (usually) at different levels of difficulty. Then we go to college or do an alternative course or start working. Compulsory subjects for the Leaving Cert are English, Irish and Maths. For the LC I'll (probably) be doing French, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Accounting as well as the three compulsory subjects.

What is your education? In college, tell us your major. Well, I'm hoping it'll be something in either Chemistry or Physics but we'll see. Another couple of years left until I've to decide.

About You ~

* Tell us in a brief paragraph or two how you would describe yourself and what you hope to get out of this forum.
I'd describe myself as a pretty private person offline. I'm competitive but I'm most competitive with myself. I'm not very traditional. I love reading and talking to my friends online, wind-surfing and I was doing Tae Kwon Do and horse riding but I had to stop for health reasons - I can't wait to take them back up.
What I'd like to get out of this forum? A few laughs, some knowledge and a sense of belonging and community.

Other ~

What is your favourite section at the toy-store? Brain teasers.
Do you collect anything? Nope, nothing.
What are your phobias? No phobias really though I very much dislike the feel of wet cotton wool
Describe your favourite food until you drool. My favourite food is red thai chicken curry I make every now and again. It's so yummy!
Some of the things that you give you jollies? Cuddling up with a book and my cat, that feeling of having gotten something perfect, getting the right amount of wind for wind-surfing, talking to a few friends.
What are your top five pet peeves? Text speak, incompetent people, people in denial, people who won't pull their weight, people who have a serious case of verbal diarrhoea and having cold ears.
Do you prefer a vegetarian or meat diet or both? Mixed. I love veggies and meat.

Other Other ~ Yay or Nay?

God and Souls - No
The Death Penalty - Yes
Premarital Sex - Yes
People are inherently good - Yes
Destiny - No
Done drugs - No
Kissed in the rain - No
Re-reading a good book - In general, yes, currently, no.

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Hi Alex,

I am new here too, am also sixteen and have tested as an INTJ. I am also extremely interested in doing Chemistry and/or Physics at University...

...nice to meet you!

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Wow, I guess we kind of match! Nice to meet you too.
I know, weird huh!! Although I an having problems deciding whether I am j or p so we may not be quite so similar in that respect. Still, it's pretty funky to meet someone else who hopefully won't think I am beyond weird!! What sorts of things are you interested in?
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