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I'm dying in this listless, dim excuse for a life
I'm dying in this restless, dark compression and strife
I'm dying in the sand dunes, being pulled below surface
I'm dying while the band tunes up while I serve no purpose
I'm dying as my strings get plucked and thrown to the sea
I'm dying just to make a buck and escape mediocrity
I'm dying for the misfit children smothering in oppression
I'm dying in a swirling cloud of anxiety and depression
I'm dying just to taste a grain of nature's provision
I'm dying for my bluntness and my lack of precision
I'm dying in an effort to escape from the madness
I'm dying in lethargy from the weight of my sadness
I'm dying in self-doubt and agonizing self-defeat
I'm dying looking for a place in which to retreat
I'm dying every moment I miss chances to escape
I'm dying in the sticky mess of all this red tape
I'm dying at the hands of those who cannot relate
I'm dying of hunger, even though I already ate
I'm dying in my cocoon to grow some wings and to fly
I'm dying, you can't see it, so I'll just pass you by
I'm dying in this monochrome reality of mine
I'm dying of the virus spreading throughout my mind
I'm dying of starvation from the world's luscious fruits
I'm dying because the rainfall never touches my roots
I'm dying every day that I don't get to feel glory
I'm dying in my writing as I'm telling my story
I'm dying for the thoughts that with you I cannot share
I'm dying in isolation and no one seems to care
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