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I'm Freaking PSYCHIC!

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It's official -- I'm freaking PSYCHIC!!

I had a dream the other night that I was in this town that I used to work in in China. It was a long, vivid dream. When I woke, I thought: I'll have to tell this to my friend (who I worked there with). I got my coffee, got on the computer to send her a message and there was a message from her, saying that she was going to that city to work! It's been 5 years since her or I were there!


Today I walked out onto the porch and I started thinking about another old friend of mine who I haven't seen in about 3 years (or talked to either). Just out of the blue I was thinking of her.
Not an hour later, I check Facebook and I've got a friends' invite from her!!!!


And this is just this week! Okay, well, this stuff doesn't happen too often but still. What's going on?

Hm...I should play the lottery.

So, INFP's -- similar stories?? Are we just that good?:tongue:
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Sometimes I think about one of my friends and that it would be neat to spend some time with him and then he'll call asking if I want to hang out. And I can even "decide" which day too; Monday I was thinking about one of my friends who I hadn't hung out with for a while and I thought I'd give him a call tomorrow (Thuesday). Thuesday ("tomorrow") I had forgotten all about it, but he called me.

I also sometimes just know things that are going to happen, even though they seem unlikely to happen. I can't really think of any examples right now..

Sometimes I just get what I want without even trying. I've been so incredibly lucky so many times in my life that it just too good to be random. I mean, I actually believe that the only reason I can't find a job is because, secretly, I don't want one. I need one, no doubt.. But that's not enough, apparantly..

But I find that there are many things I don't really need to worry about, because they usually resolve themselves in ways that seem almost magical. And it's happened to me so many times that I'm beginning to almost accept it as a fact of life...

But I think, with the foreshadowing thing, that it might not be as magical as it seems; Se picks a lot of sensible, tangible information and makes judgements out of that (like if the wind comes from west and there's a nasty weather west from where you live, there's a decent chance it might rain in the near future) while our Ne picks a lot of abstract, untangible information and makes judgements out of that (like you have a feeling it's going to rain, but you don't know how you know it - though it probably has something to do with you sensing the humidity and the air preassure; for N's it's more about the result of the equation while for S's it's more about the equation itself).

I don't know if this makes any sense at all...
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The weirdest thing happened to me when I was 3 or 4. It was morning and I was lying in my bed in that state where you're between being awake and dreaming. I was looking at the wall and I saw something that looked like neon silhouette of my dad and our dog.

The dog was walking towards my dad, happy with its' tail up. Then my dad scolded it and it put its' tail between its' legs and walked away from him (this was happening in 2D). Then my dad walked in the opposite direction and his silhuette shifted to the next wall and approached my bedroom door.

Right when the silhuette was at the door, my dad walked in to wake me up. When I walked into our living room, our dog was lying in its' basket on the same place as it had been on the wall in my bedroom. It was like I saw them through the wall, as animated neon silhuettes on the wall, if that makes any sense..
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I think you experienced an out of body travel. keep working on it.:happy:
No, I was definitely inside my body, looking at the wall with the animated "neon silhuettes"; like my dad and the dog got projected through the wall as those silhuettes.. But I was definitely in my own body in my bed..
The tricky thing about this psychic stuff is that it's difficult to differ between that which is actually psychic and that which is merely a result of subconcious processing in the brain. And it gets even more tricky when people having "fake" psychic experiences claims that they're real and people having "real" psychic experiences claims that they're fake.

But the beautiful part is that science hasn't rejected the idea of psychic experiences, they merely haven't found evidence yet..
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