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I'm Freaking PSYCHIC!

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It's official -- I'm freaking PSYCHIC!!

I had a dream the other night that I was in this town that I used to work in in China. It was a long, vivid dream. When I woke, I thought: I'll have to tell this to my friend (who I worked there with). I got my coffee, got on the computer to send her a message and there was a message from her, saying that she was going to that city to work! It's been 5 years since her or I were there!


Today I walked out onto the porch and I started thinking about another old friend of mine who I haven't seen in about 3 years (or talked to either). Just out of the blue I was thinking of her.
Not an hour later, I check Facebook and I've got a friends' invite from her!!!!


And this is just this week! Okay, well, this stuff doesn't happen too often but still. What's going on?

Hm...I should play the lottery.

So, INFP's -- similar stories?? Are we just that good?:tongue:
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When I was 9 years old in primary school, I had a premonition in the middle of a maths class. Nutshell: guy on motorbike, saw colour of leathers, bike, car he hit that pulled out on him, knew he died on impact with road because his spine was snapped - he flipped over the car bonnet and landed hard on his back.

A few days later, a one of my dads friends died in the exact same way. All the details matched up perfectly; my parents were freaked out.

Hell I could go on and on about this kind of thing - I've had loads of weird phenomena in my life. Best thing? I think it's all BS :p I can't explain it but I'm sure there's a perfectly good scientific reasoning. Maybe it's true that our conciousness is external and we can project it. Meh.
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I got a bit scared when I was 15 because one night I heard this loud, odd noise like a clock ticking, we were on a campsite so it clearly wasn't a clock and I couldn't work out where it was coming from. Then the next day while we were hiking one of the people we met that day ended up having a fall and dying. Then a month or so later I heard the same noise at my house and again couldn't find where it was coming from, and the next day my uncle died. That was a bit horrible. I started dreading the noise but thankfully it stopped after that and again was probably just another weird coincidence.
Oh, wow - that is really strange! My gran always hears three loud bangs just before someone dies. She's had it all her life so she's learned how to deal with it.

Also (and I know this sounds incredible but it's true; my dad is as honest as honest can be) my dad sees the Grim Reaper before people in the family die. Apparently a monk accompanies him too :S but yeah, whenever my dad sees him, a close family member passes within a week or so. He says that there's no avoiding him either - you can be in a pitch black room but he'll be there, clearly visible somehow.


I'll come back to this thread later and share some of my experiences :)
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