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I'm Freaking PSYCHIC!

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It's official -- I'm freaking PSYCHIC!!

I had a dream the other night that I was in this town that I used to work in in China. It was a long, vivid dream. When I woke, I thought: I'll have to tell this to my friend (who I worked there with). I got my coffee, got on the computer to send her a message and there was a message from her, saying that she was going to that city to work! It's been 5 years since her or I were there!


Today I walked out onto the porch and I started thinking about another old friend of mine who I haven't seen in about 3 years (or talked to either). Just out of the blue I was thinking of her.
Not an hour later, I check Facebook and I've got a friends' invite from her!!!!


And this is just this week! Okay, well, this stuff doesn't happen too often but still. What's going on?

Hm...I should play the lottery.

So, INFP's -- similar stories?? Are we just that good?:tongue:
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Maybe we're just really in tune with people and our intuition? Is that possible?
I wish I was psychic, half the time I don't even know what colour underwear or socks I'm wearing of if I'm even wearing any (I'm deadly serious about that.)

But Amanda I must say that if you are psychic, that is pretty damn badass. You should enter the lottery and if you could buy me a ticket as well please? I promised someone a few million if I ever won and I think they want to collect it some point in this lifetime. Thanks :happy:
*sighs* I WISH!!

Hmm, something like that haven't happened to me before, or at least that's what I remember. Well, I'm not psychic, but this is certainly interesting...
I thought so! I mean the dream was enough for a while -- that happens every once in a year or two to me, something big like that, but then this too and just a couple of days later? Why is it always related to people though? Why not numbers and money?:tongue:

Once I picked up the phone to call my friend but I couldn't hear the dialling tone. Then I heard a voice saying "Hello?" It was him! He'd rung me just before I'd rung him but I picked up before the phone even rang. That was pretty weird but probably just a freaky coincidence.

I got a bit scared when I was 15 because one night I heard this loud, odd noise like a clock ticking, we were on a campsite so it clearly wasn't a clock and I couldn't work out where it was coming from. Then the next day while we were hiking one of the people we met that day ended up having a fall and dying. Then a month or so later I heard the same noise at my house and again couldn't find where it was coming from, and the next day my uncle died. That was a bit horrible. I started dreading the noise but thankfully it stopped after that and again was probably just another weird coincidence.
The noise and then dead people is weird. Don't think of me tonight...:unsure:
You're just in denial about you being dead.
I read somewhere that INFJs often believe they are psychic - and it's because they're so intuitive. I suppose we are close enough and we very intuitive so I imagine its pretty similar.

I do often get wierd coincidences, but I believe its pure intuition. Like, once, I was passing notes with a guy friends and all of a sudden I knew he would ask me out. Next thing I know, I get a note saying so. I guess what I'm getting for my birthday a week ahead of time. And other things - I think something, and I'm like "It's not logical, don't think that" and then I'm RIGHT in the end. It's pretty sweet - I love my intuition.

I used to not trust my intuition very much but ever since I found out about personality types and how intuitive I am (I test as almost 100% intuitive) I've begun to try to trust it more.
Yes, I heard that INFJ's were supposed to be really psychic as well (?) or more so than INFP's? IDK. All I know is that I seem to be.

I doubt mine a lot of the time too! Sometimes a thought comes into my head and I dismiss it because it's sooo ridiculous. For instance, I took one look at my sister-in-law and knew she was pregnant. I practically saw the baby superimposed in an instant when I looked at her. It was so fast but powerful, still I dismissed it way.

Later that day, after they arrive home, my brother calls to tell us that she is pregnant (she'd bought a home pregnancy test on the way home because her period was late).

So, since all of this and other things have happened to me, I trust it a lot more too and usually I go with it especially if there is no harm or embarrassment involved. lol. Or I at least consider.
But it's still those fleeting "psychic" thoughts that are tricky. It takes more effort to acknowledge them and consider them.

Interesting...I also test around 90% Intuitive. and 90% Feeling.

How can we possibly know this stuff?
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This phenomenon is one of my favorite infp perks :happy:

I have an INFJ friend who i'm constantly sharing psychic experiences with... we'll say 2 words to each other about some impulse and minutes later the rest of the room catches up and discusses it.
I had an INFJ friend IRL for a little bit and it was INSANE the "psychic" energy just crackled.

You're very lucky!!
All of this happens to me. And I know what you're talking about with the N vs. S. I love N, and it seems like so much work for those poor S types to have to go through that thought process, while with N it's like instant knowing.
Yes, that's how I feel a lot of the time -- it's like instant knowing. On the other hand, when I instantly know something but don't know how I know it, it can cause some problems. The first is doubt. If I don't know how I got this information than how can I trust it? The second is frustration. Sometimes I'll skip the doubt part because I'll be certain of something, but I won't be able to explain to someone else how I know that. Or at least it'll come with great difficulty and NT's particularly don't have much patience with this.

That sometimes happens to me. There's more to dreams than people realize. I will have a very vivid dream of myself being in a certain situation, in a certain place, and a day to a few later I'll be living my dream. It freaks me out every time =/
If intuition is tied so closely to our consciousness and that consciousness knows no time bounds than maybe...
intuition can go beyond the present? What an exciting thought!!
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Timeless, I guess that means you have gangsta psychic episodes. Sa-weeet.
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