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I'm having a decision crisis

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i recently missed my offer for university and so decided to embark on the great australian adventure of 2010 this year..

it's just that i've realised that my A Level results weren't good enough to go to the unis i REALLY want to go next year.. the places where i felt like all the people at the open day seemed awesome and the place generally had a very comfortable vibe to me.
but there is no way i'm sticking around for another year just to redo my A2s, i'm bored of this town and i would literally kill myself. even my aussie adventure doesn't seem like a good idea anymore..

welcome to the insane world of ENFP life possibilities..
i feel like everything has to be the best it can be, and that by missing out on the unis i really wanted i'm somehow now in some sort of crisis. my head says stay cool, but my instincts are going haywire because i've missed such good opportunities.

this thread is basically a plea for help from the more wise of this world ENFPs (almost all of you in fact) for a flailing young ENFP with his head in a knot :frustrating:
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I can relate to your frustration with putting off decision-making and therefore missing important opportunities. I tend to do that a lot, and always end up kicking myself.

With that said, I'm not sure if you're asking for advice here, or just looking for support-- what exactly is the decision you now have to make? Maybe I missed it, but it seems like you're not left with a choice now that your options have disappeared.
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