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I have been pretty mixed up for the past few months/years but I feel like I've finally broken through my fears and I'm being more like myself than ever before. I'm interesting what will happen now as it pertains to MBTI typing. Here goes in my all consuming personal conquest for an accurate type that fits me..

1. Is there anything that may affect the way you answer the questions? For example, a stressful time, mental illness, medications, special life circumstances? Other useful information includes sex, age, and current state of mind.

Finally I can answer that there isn't anything affecting my answering. I am more of myself than ever before.

2. Study these two images here and here. Which one do you prefer and why? How would you describe it?

This may sound weird but the first photo reminds me of green kool-aid.

3. Please describe yourself as a person if you were to introduce yourself to someone else like in a cover letter. What kind of person are you and why?

I am a very involved person and pretty intense, I can be sort of 'Me against the world' type. I am generally hopeful and treat people with respect, but if I find out they do something that I don't personally agree with morally or something I don't respect, I can turn into a bit of an asshole. Mostly I preach personal freedom and want everyone to drop their facades and just be natural and free. So in a way I sympathize with like..freedom fighters or anyone who stands up against the odds and fights for personal freedom and human rights. So I'm bit of a libertarian.

4. What kind of person would you LIKE to be? Why? What kind of person would you NOT want to be? Why?

I want to just maintain how I am right now. So I could see myself enjoying inspiring others. I would hate to be in a self limiting place like I have been in before. I also believe a lot of other people are in that mental prison I was in. Maybe that's a bit presumptuous of me, but I think I'm right- at least somewhat. I think a great contributor to personal suffering in people is the fact that they feel like they can't just be themselves or they fear being their real selves.

5. Do you think there are any differences to how you described yourself and how people actually perceive you? How do you think others would describe you? If there are any discrepancies between these two that are you are aware of; do you know why exactly that is?

Maybe, I can come off pretty shy/introverted sometimes. However, I am pretty unashamedly myself so I don't think anyone would be too surprised.

6. What in life do you find to be of importance? Why? If you are unsure you can always take the Value Test and post the results here. Do note that it helps if you narrow it down to 20 or ideally 10 values as suggested at stage 2.

I value personal freedom the most. Not necessarily personal freedom in the sense of doing reckless shit or having no accountability if you do wrong. I mean being yourself and expressing it regardless of social pressure or hazing you may receive as a result. I think Nietzsche was correct in his ideals about freedom and owning oneself.

7. How do you react to new situations in your life? Can you describe an event in your life where you were in an unknown situation? How did you deal with it?

I usually only have issues with people infringing on my personal space, like people I don't know too well. I'm awful at family reunions or get togethers because I'm pretty uncomfortable with people who have no sense of boundaries. I can adapt fairly well when it comes to like going to a new town, school, or job. I react negatively to surprises that involve other people (unexpected visitors and things like that) but I try to push myself in areas that are formal (new jobs, school, etc) and do fairly well in them.

8. Please describe yourself when you are in a stressful situation. How do you act and why? Real life experiences are welcome.

I find myself doubting myself and then I catch myself and I say ''You need to do this don't let it get you down you can do it!'' and I try to pump myself up and I usually try to force myself to deal with it head on. If it involves something like a deadline or something I don't get that stressed out about it and I can do well under that sort of pressure. I deal worse with like people personally pressuring me like one on one if that makes sense.

9. Please describe yourself when you are in an enjoyable situation. How do you act and why? Real life experiences are welcome.

I am full of energy and I get super into whatever I'm doing and I do it intensely. Making music for example, doing art, etc. I find myself being more positive outwardly. In some ways the experience itself is less important. It's what I gain out of it afterwards. Like this lingering exciting energy that sort of carries me along into other things in life. Does that make sense?

10. Describe your relationship to socialization. How do you perceive one-on-one interaction? How do you perceive group interaction?

I like one on one because I can communicate more directly and I find it more impactful. I think I could definitely get a crowd of like minded people riled up though. However, as I said I can be a bit black and white. For example: If the group wasn't like minded I might just tell them to screw themselves. I can be a bit stubborn in this way. Where I believe the way I feel is right and others are like misguided. However, I am well aware of this and I don't like to let it take control and I am good at keeping it in check.

11. Describe your relationship to society. What are the elements of it you hold important or unimportant (e.g. social norms, values, customs, traditions)? How do you see people as a whole?

I think society could be a great thing if everyone could find some sort of common goal. Another part of me doesn't believe this will ever be possible though because of the human condition. I find social norms unimportant. I think it's a prison and people get in it and can't get back out. Values are great if they are your own values. If you decided for yourself that they were worthy of having. I don't really understand people who blindly follow them though. I remain a bit positive even though I can be a bit harsh. I think people are mostly alright, but misguided. However, I don't necessarily let this excuse them from my own personal judgment of them. I don't believe intention can excuse everything. If someone is harmlessly obliviously harming others they aren't much better than someone willingly doing it.

12. Describe your relationship to authority. How do you perceive authority? What does it mean to you, and how do you deal with it?

I only follow it if I can gain from it. I can't follow it for very long before I'm fed up though. It feels like a denial of self for me to simply just kiss ass. Authority is needed as far as social structure though. I see the need for it and why it exists. I just think it has gotten out of control and the scales are tipped too much in their favor and not in the common people.

13. Describe your relationship to order and chaos. What do order and chaos mean to you? How do they manifest in your daily life?

I find myself only being extremely orderly when I'm stressed out or fearful. Naturally I'm sort of a procrastinator. I get distracted and go off on tangents a lot and had to develop a worth ethic over the years. Chaos is okay as long as people aren't being like ridiculously loud. I can't stand people who pointlessly do loud things and act like clowns.

14. What is it that you fear in life? Why? How does this fear manifest to you both in how you think and how you act?

I fear becoming old and regretting my life decisions as it pertains to limiting myself 'I wish I would have' is one of the most fearful things for me. I find it manifesting in me sort of saying screw it and going all guns blazing sometimes.I have to fight the basic human need of security to break out of that prison though. I think in a self limiting way, so I have to oppose my mind with my actions to be truly fulfilled in life and I think this is true for a lot of people.

15. What is it that you desire in life? What do you strive to achieve? Why? Where do you think these drives and desires stem from or are inspired by?

I desire self sufficiency. I desire making an impact of some sort. I want to reach a point later in life where I am a person full of life experience and live an exciting life. I could see myself as an old man, with no real structured life (wife and kids) and like being an old professor or artist.

16. a) What activities energize you most? b) What activities drain you most? Why?

Possibilities and talking about them. Being reminded of what's possible. Talking with like minded people. What drains me is the grind of life and routine. What drains me is people who think in a vacuum and people who just spew the same regurgitated ideals that their parents told them. Being around people who look at my appearance and make tons of assumptions based off of it and say them out loud to me is also very draining. I've been in scenarios where someone has asked me something like ''Lol are you gay?'' and the like. And I have just facepalmed at how closed minded they are.

17. Why do you want to know your type? What type do you think you are? Why this/these type(s)? Is there a type that appeals to you, to your self-perception, that you would like to be? Why? If you know your enneagram, please post this here. If you have done any online function tests such as the Keys2Cognition, it helps if you post these results here as well.

I find myself really loving the ISFP type. and ENFP's I have a lot of Fi-dom friends. I have very few Fe user friends. I don't know if that's helpful. I want to know my type because well it's just a fun thing. The idea that I have been confused all this time about the types I have thought I was is an interesting thing. I have scored a few different types on tests. I can't remember my results exactly though.

18. Finally, is there something else you find to be of importance you want to add about yourself you think might be of relevance when helping to type you?

I am doing this test without pants on.

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You strike me as an ENxP for sure-- if you're interested in enneagram at all too, I'd guess type 7w8 sx/sp.

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Your self is a label that points to the group of abstract properties that define you as a person. That label remains constant, but the properties can change, but the properties themselves define your true self, which is in a constant flux :p That said, the seeking of a "true" self based on your own personal value judgements (rather than on logic alone or the values of others) seems to indicate an Fi preference over Fe or any of the thinking functions, along with your frequent mentioning of the importance of your values. 16 seems to strongly suggest either Ne or Se (if I had to lean one way, I'd say Ne). You seem more outwardly oriented, so I'd say there's probably a preference for extraversion over introversion. If I had to guess, in order of preference, ENFP/ESFP, ISFP, INFP. I think your type ultimately hinges on the sensing/intuitive boundary. Do you prefer seeing things as they appear and acting on them, or considering an array of related possibilities first?

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"I can be sort of 'Me against the world' type.."

You mention your morals and values very frequently in this post, and I get the impression that you are somewhat at odds with your peers and other people. I'm thinking that your introverted feeling function is stronger than your extraverted intuition. I'm totally new to this whole thing though, and this is my first time trying to type someone. What do YOU think? Do you think you lead with Fi?
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