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I'm pretty sure I'm INFP but...

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...well, I don't know. I've taken the test several times and I've stably gotten INFP. To be perfectly honest I've been trying to figure out myself for a while and the descriptions of INFP describe me better than I've found a way to describe myself. But the thing is, all my life I've thought that I was really science-y. I'm going to a tech school where I am double majoring in physics and classics, and I've always been good at things that require logic. I love doing logic puzzles, and even though I think about the meaning of life and humanity and all that a lot, I do so through logic. I love philosophy, and one of my favorite works is the Meditations on First Philosophy by Descartes, in which he questions reality around him, but attempts to make conclusions through step by step processes that build on top of each other and proceed naturally. That's the only way I feel like I can begin to understand the world around me too.

I've looked at some of the other forums, the ones that have threads like "You Know You're an XXXX When..." and I can see so many of my friends from school in the INTP forum. But I don't identify with those things; instead, it's the things that people have listed in the INFP forum that I read and think "I didn't know that other people thought that way too!" or have even made me seriously tear up.

I'm starting to realize how much I hide. I don't even really register all the stuff I censor from people anymore. But reading what other INFPs have written has reminded me how I felt when I saw that one-legged pigeon limping along yesterday (note: I hate pigeons. seriously, one's even crapped on my head and I still feel bad) or how I can never fully rejoice when my favorite team wins because I can't help but think of all the poor fans who supported the losing team. I don't tell people these things in part because I don't want to ruin a happy moment for them or make their day gloomier, and in part because I don't feel like sharing something I know they probably won't understand. My mom thinks that I am an ENTP -- and thinks that the test is flawed for giving me another result -- and I don't much feel like correcting her. In part I'm also afraid that if I actually give in to my emotions and give them more thought besides the usual momentary to daily wallowing, it's going to overtake me and I'll never get out of bed and will end up crying my eyes dry. Maybe that's why I give off the vibe that I'm an ENTP... I don't really know. Till I took the test and realized how much an INFP fit me, I didn't even care to know. And I love love LOVE writing. I don't do too much creative stuff on account of being a physics and classics major, but I still try to do it from time to time. Certain books, authors, music, and songs just speak to me in ways I can't even begin to describe, but just... well, no, I really just can't describe it. :(

So I guess my question is, a lot of signs points to INFP, but I'm not sure how to reconcile that with the amount of emphasis I put on logic. I'm starting to realize that maybe I've sort of been hiding my INFP...osity, maybe because of the emphasis my parents put on science and my interest in those as hobbies from an early age. Is it possible to have the mind of INTX and the heart of INFP?

Also if it helps, my enneagram scores are:
Type 5 - 10.3
Type 4 - 9.7
Type 9 - 8.7
Type 2 - 7
Type 1 - 7
Type 6 - 6.3
Type 3 - 6.3

Wing 5w4 - 15.2
Wing 4w5 - 14.9
Wing 5w6 - 13.5
Wing 4w3 - 12.9


Thank you so so much in advance. I've always felt a little bit different from my friends, but I figured that maybe everyone felt that way. I think this might be the first step to understanding myself a little bit better.
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Thanks Catfish! Part of the reason I joined was that I realized that, just by looking at some of the forums, I could relate to people here much better than a lot of my friends. But if I'm actually F over T despite how much I emphasize logic then what would make me T over F?
I started reading INTJ forums when I was first typed and they were going stuff like "An INTJ would never use exclamation marks in an email" and I was like - but I do that all the time!!! SOmetimes 3 at a time!!!
Haha for real? I put exclamation marks in emails all the time! Sometimes I worry it gets a little too annoying...

Anyway, I guess that makes sense about what makes someone T over F or vice versa. I guess when I think about issues that don't pertain to me I always employ logic, but when I think about big issues concerning myself I tend to go with my feelings. I guess it sort of manifests in the discussions I'm having with my parents right now about my future... they want me to go into business, which I just can never see myself doing for some reason. I know it's probably the most logical and right thing to do given how much money I can make and how successful it can but, but it just doesn't feel right...

Thank you all for the words of encouragement and welcomes! I think I still have a whole host of things to sort out but I might be getting there. :)
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1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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