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I'm proud have been born in (insert country name)

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It perplexes me that people can be proud to have been born in whatever country. Happiness due to this fact I can understand but its not like you actually achieved anything being born wherever.

Anyone out there able to explain to me what makes people think like this?
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Patriotism sucks.
I'd say it depends on the context. Some of it is just group-think. But, do people ever really say "I'm proud to be Ecuadorian? ... I'm proud to be a Syrian? No, because either the government is oppressive or inept, and everyone's given up the will to make it better. So anyone who wants to accomplish something with their lives ends up fleeing to another country.

I can't say I'm proud to have been born an American, as I don't believe I had much say in the matter (though who knows, we may have). But, can I say I'm proud to be an American? On a personal level, yes.. I believe I can.

This country was founded on the values of individualism and individual achievement (among other important things), which is something I can agree with wholeheartedly (and I think many INTJ's would). I'm not particularly fond of what my country has been transforming into, so I do get involved in the opposition. I am proud of the efforts I have made so far, and will make more and more efforts in the future.

Now, I view "love" to mean that you strive to help something or someone grow, not the "I'm happy soandso does so much for me" line of reasoning. I guess my question to you is, in that context, why don't you give a crap about your countries?
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