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I'm proud have been born in (insert country name)

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It perplexes me that people can be proud to have been born in whatever country. Happiness due to this fact I can understand but its not like you actually achieved anything being born wherever.

Anyone out there able to explain to me what makes people think like this?
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Because being born on this side of a line drawn in dirt shouldn't be important in my life.
But unfortunately, when it comes to working or going to school or living a life on the other side of that line, it is very, VERY important. Even if the people on the other side of that line have the same culture and language as your side of the line, the truth of the matter is, you were born on your side of the line and "don't belong" on the other side (unless you fill out a shrimp-boat sized load of papers, appeal to the right bureaucrats and wait a long time...then finally you can get a sticker put on a piece of fancy paper in a fancy book with your side of the line's fancy emblem on the front and be "officially" accepted). just reeks of arbitrary. :tongue:
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