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I am pretty sure my brain never shuts off, and I've been thinking a lot lately (past month), I have wondered about the existence of things. About how the rules of things only apply to contexts favored to those rules. And I have wondered for a while if this is all an elaborate scheme, people are such drones...and they must only foster me for the benefit of seeing me tortured in their organized ways, there are really no rules to be played by, they only say they care in order for me to tell them more so they can adjust their technologies to turn me into one of them so that I am their slave.

I don't totally believe this, but I resort to it under stress. I'm pretty sure my mother and grandfather are in on this. Does anyone else ever feel like this? Any advice? Or am I just downright crazy?
I think you're paranoid. I'm not trying to make fun of you or anything, I oftentimes get paranoid over silly things that are insignificant to others but seem threatening to me. Unlike what Bago said, I would suggest you DO think. Think if what you are feeling makes any sense at all. Think whether these people would have any reason at all to do these things you claim. If you are arriving to that conclusion due to illogical or irrelevant thoughts, chances are you're just paranoid.
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