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Hello everyone! I will very very much appreciate someone to please give me some englightment in this regards.
I've been previously been told in this forum as an ISFP but I don't understand why I always get INFP as the result when taking an online personality test.

I have learned more about myself now than when I created a thread about the same and been told that I may be an isfp according to the description about myself.

I pretty relate with the description of the personality the designer RIOGS, well not all but the majority.

The cognitive functions I relate to the most so far is Fi over Fe, perceiving over judging and introversion. However, I have a really hard time knowing if I am intuitive or sensing.

I don't think I am simply an ISFP. I feel I must be more than that.

What I know about myself is that I like to seek excitement, love to travel not because of the sake of being in a new place but to learn about their cultures especially their hidden and dark side. I don't why but I always have an interest for the weird especially the dark side of human mind. I am really attracted to horror books or fantasies but I always ending up picking self help books because I think the fantasies books are a waste of time but don't get me wrong, they are awesome.

I would like to achieve some power or to be seen as powerful, highly respected person, someone to look up to and someone inspirational even though I can be shy or that outwardly I don't seem as someone capable of that but deep inside of me I am totally a different person.

I realize that I have a very powerful imagination and can be totally absorbed in my own fantasies which is really exciting and overwhelming at the same time. This is why I tend to procrastinate. Mostly my fantasies are about real people or events.

I am obsessed about knowing who I am, what is my personality, how capable am I and all that stuff. I am very curious about myself and I have used astrolgy birth charts to help me. Do I sound crazy? Hahhahah

I have a hard time knowing what I want to become in the future. I have the ambitions and the will to pursue anything I strive for but I don't know what I want to use this energy on and its really frustrating. I was thinking of maybe being part or build my own NGO organization or building my own business with the focus of helping people.

It just feels like there is no one thing I strongly have a passion for. Right now I decided to go out more and try out new things by volunteering and joining an organization to find a solution for this.

I used to like to draw since I was a kid and I was known as the creative girl or an artist during my high school years. I don't draw anymore for very very long time. I don't find any excitment at all for drawing anymore.

I feel like I want to write even more but I don't want to overwhelm you guys with so much words. And I find hard to resume all my thoughts into few words so that is why I write alot .

What do you guys think?
Thank you!.

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Mbti community sterotypes are very lame. They make Se users seem stupid - but most Se users are ambitious

Se users also knows how to imagine. Difference with Ne is that most of the time Ne users stuck on their imaginations/ideas too much that they fail to do stuffs in the moment

Check out some Se doms legit videos and descriptions.
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