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So....I had a pretty horrible dream last night.

In the dream I was pregnant..pretty far along (like 7-8 months), and I was looking forward to my due date. Well, something happened, and I had to sleep at a hospital/Doctor's house. When I woke up, I felt different, and I saw a guy (I think he was the Doctor or whatever) with a big beer gut.
Well, come to find out, because I was listed as mentally, emotionally, physically, socially, and financially unfit to be a parent, they had transplanted my baby into him so that he could grow the rest of it.
Then it would be "born" (cut out of him) at the due date, and would be put up for adoption.
I was horrified. I mean, wtf. I woke up when I came to the end part of the dream (where I found out that they had basically judged me to be incompetent) and I had tears running down my face. Damn, I must really have some massive worries still if I can actually care for a child. I've been having baby fever for the last few days (I have no children of my own), my subconscious thinks I'm a bit f*cked up.

Or it's just worry being manifested in dreams. Wow.

On another note. I'm an HSP...I wonder if that is genetic or something? It seems like most of my research is on people dealing with being an HSP, but not on if it's genetic or not. I really don't want my child to feel like a weird hyper-sensitive freak all through life. Hah...but I hear like 20% of the population has that...enough to be a recessive trait, maybe?
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