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Youtube again, someone insulted me. (Yeah, I know, what else is new? lol)

I suppose that this was supposed to be an insult, anyway...he said, "I didn't know that Napoleon Dynamite had a sister" So, I suppose that that's supposed to be some offhanded comment that I'm ugly.

Well, he won the award for the most creative insult so far. The one that took the cake before that one was when someone called me a "fluorescent ******" for a vegan video I had made. (They didn't agree with it, apparently.)

Meh. Whatever. lol

I'm not really much in the mood to care. I do wish that I could turn off my over-analytical side of my brain for once...but whatever. I'm slowly learning to work with it, not against it. Harmony will ensue eventually. :wink:

On a better note....only 2 more days until the Hobbit! SQUEE! I can't wait!

Here, have a video (my brain's not working right because I played like 5 hours of Minecraft just a little bit ago... lol)...

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