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Inception - Your Thoughts

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Yeah, I know this type of thread has already been devined, but I'd like to start another one more oriented to the following specifics: (A) What was your honest oppinion on the movie (were you dissappointed, were you inspired, were you just plain confused), (B) Was the entire plot based inside of Cobb's own Limbo (was all that occured in that movie inside Cobb's own mind)? (C) The final scene (main topic of interest, according to several other posts, but, still) (D) Anything else you would like to bring up or clarify, question, etc. You know, just type in whatever you really want about Inception; whether you liked it or not, what do you think happened at the end, what is the true purpose of inception, how did you feel about the characters, whatever. Just talk about whatever comes to mind. Write an entire paragraph about however you feel about the movie, whatever pops into your head (there's a high probability your thoughts will be taken into accord and will further the topic and discussion).

I will share this, my own personal thought: Was anything in that story real, or was it all derived from Cobb's imagination? Was all that happened in the plot Cobb's own Limbo? Was he experiencing several levels of dreams? (Yeah, these are more questions, but, still wanted to share them.)

Anyhoozle, just talk. Whatever about Inception. I wanna hear your thoughts, no matter how random about the subject they may be. Go!