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Inferior Te here.

My inferior fuction manifest in a inferiority complex because of my incompetence( If just I was more intelligent, if just I was more analitycal, If just..... etc) also in a brute and rude way to say things to people when Im stressed( you Fu$% id0ts cant do anything right *insert more fu bombs here*).

Usually Im calm and sensible but when I get into "Te mode " its like a volcano thats going to erupt in any moment, even my friends say " I can feel your heat", I turn red and my stomach say "grrrrrr :angry:" ( literally my stomach grune).I start seen others as inferiors and become arrogant, everything is useless, I want to have a rocket launcher and say " you, what do you do?....its not what I need Ka-boom, and you?.... take no prisioners, everybody is guilty".


anecdote: one time in high school i was hynotized with one girl because she was cute in the sense of cuteness ( no sexual) but she said she doesnt care and I was weird. When I came home I enter to my room I say "you dont know who you are talking to, how dare you to reject!!!!!!" (

Doesnt matter what I have to do, you would be mine, only mine...MINE!!!!!:angry: ( even I am scary of myself .___.)
This episode fluttershy basically show how I behave in Te mode....Is so accurate that is scary.
1 - 1 of 54 Posts
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