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Inferior Function

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How do you experience your inferior function? Is it a blindspot? A weakness? Your preoccupation when unhealthy? Or simply an area of life you don't care much about?

Si causes problems for me...stuff like getting enough sleep, eating right, exercising,'s just time I'd much, much rather spend I put it off until it seems stresses me out.

But, when I consistently address Si concerns, I feel great!...until it starts to block time for Ne and Fi...and then I snap back.

Sometimes Si is also the only introverted function I can really get to work...for example, "eating my feelings" (Fi is out of balance, so Si compensates.)

I don't know how to define or apply meaning to any of this...I just know that my inferior function causes me problems, so I thought I'd ask and see how you guys deal with your own inferior functions.
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I've been thinking a lot more about my inferior and reading up on it. This is what I found with inferior the function upon reflection:

* Inferior function is connected to the Dominant Function. It is activated, when the dominant function seeks something and is very engaged in it. Here it will, try to get more details, and "study it." So for example, as an ENFJ with a Fe dom, if I like something, I will pursue it's understanding to the zenith. I will put all of my energy into learning and studying this thing that I like which fell into my gaze. This is because my inferior is Ti and so it is seeking more and more details to understand the object. I feel like I have endless energy on learning/teaching sometimes - because this is where FE and TI join force...

* Inferior function can not work optimally if Dominant Function is not "fed well". My experience is that if I don't like something, there's no way in hell I would care for it's details.

* Inferior function shows it's ugly side (with fighting power) when the conscious functions .ie Dom, Auxiliary and Tertiary needs are not being met. i.e I will make a biting comment which uses logic that reveals an ugly truth about something....

* If I'm in the position to give my Inferior function reign, it will overuse itself, wanting more and more (i.e more learning and studying of something) to the point where it may even compromise my conscious functions. I.e I better study than sleep or eat!

So, I guess the question is, how can you have a healthy and balanced brain where everyone gets everything?

I've looked at some ideas on integrating the inferior, but apparently, it's like the tip of the iceberg into your subconscious!

Anyone have any ideas or more info on the inferior function?
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I know about 5 INFJs. I attract them like magnets...they're not so rare!

My personal experience of INFJs Inferior Se is that they either embrace Se with Ni or they get shy or scared of it and it makes them go into inaction or avoidance and judgement. INFJs do have very high standards, for themselves and they seem to judge everyone on this as well. It must be the Ni dom-Se inferior function as their judgment seems very based on status driven stuff like education, wealth and class.

Here's my observation: INFJs can come out to be very wise because of their Ni-dom, but a lot of the stuff they aspire or want from people are pretty superficial at the end of the day. I attribute this to inferior Se. It doesn't seem like they are aware of it but they will do alot of work, just for some sensational relief. Like make friends with people who have "connections or status" and build a really good friendship with them, just so they could score cheap tickets to the opera or something like that and think it's the pooh-ba.

It feels like INFJs just want to be associated with you so that they can build their own status. It doesn't feel like they genuinely care. Also, I've also seen INFJs ditching close friends and family members if they should ever lose their so called social standing. That's just well... lame but feel free to clarify on this matter.

I know this is a bit big, but I'm an ENFJ and I highly value loyalty from friends and extremely dislike this part of INFJs or any other personality type.
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