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Hi. I'm new here. :)

If you notice that I have interpreted some stuff incorrectly, please reply or private message me.

I have long valued the Meyers-Briggs stuff but always felt like some weird blend or exception. When I had completed the tests and gotten INTP, the description, dynamics, and matching were always a little bit off. I really thought I was just weird. I took a longer test recently and got INFJ and suddenly things fit amazingly well.

Because mine never quite fit before, I retained a healthy amount of skepticism for personality tests. I had always felt that they were a bit like horoscopes--part cold reading and part self-fulfilling prophecy. Sometimes I've wondered if such things matter. If the placebo works, great... go, placebo... but I have always had trouble with suspension of disbelief so when things didn't quite fit for me as INTP, I assumed this was probably yet another thing that explained.

Looking back, I can see how the way I answered the questions has changed. The iNtuition is dominant for me and it shouldn't surprise me to find myself in on the Introversion side either.

The rest can be explained this way:

I am on the Feeling side--if asked, I would have always said that I was overemotional. Because I know this, I try to babysit myself into Thinking more to make sure what I do isn't just an emotional reaction.

I am Judging too. Though I don't seem to accept authority from religious or government sources, I do have a strong personal regard for what I consider right and wrong. I have long though that rules, religions, and laws only serve to obfuscate truth and stagger the ascension of higher levels of morality. Because my sense of right and wrong is so often not aligned with authority, I often feel judged. Since I hate to make anyone else feel that way, I try not to act on the judging.

INTP described who I was trying to be but INFJ better describes who I really am. So few things in life seem to fit me well that there was kind-of some elation in finding how well INFJ seemed to fit.

I took the other tests only just tonight and I don't know those systems very well. I tested as Type 6 SX/SP (Loyalist) with Enneagram and EII (INFj) with Socionics. I don't yet fully understand the implications of this.

My goal in all of this really is that after several failed relationships, I very much need the next one to work better so I'm trying to figure out better ways to predict long term compatibility. Any advice in this would be ever so greatly appreciated.


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