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Brother, I know the feeling. I was right in the middle of thinking something was really wrong with me when I found out I tested as INFJ. Now at least I know why I always feel different, and I'm more understanding of others as well as myself.
Not out of place, you being in an elite unit and being an INFJ. I have played around with the dream of being a Special Forces soldier for most of my life. Another name for INFJs is The Protectors, which sounds like it suits you pretty well. :)

Sorry to hear that you were diagnosed bi polar. My brother is bi polar. It was pretty bad when he was a kid. Although, after many years he has developed a will stronger than most people I know, and no longer takes meds for it. He pretty much beat it into submission, and now uses reason to keep it under control.
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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