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It is all a matter of perspective.
This, I finally registered after lurking a while and agree.

In the grand scheme of things, we are small mites on a lukewarm rock in an unfathomably large vacuous ocean filled with astronomical bodies of wonder and creations still unknown, possibly far surpassing our own in intelligence and development.

But to your beloved family pet, to your younger brother or sister, to the lost child at the store, or the real homeless, the ones who have too much pride to beg, the INFJ is for each moment a sort of willing savior.

The same would be expected of you and your squad, I'm sure more often than not you feel like you're become "dear old dad" in terms of how you view the people you would protect, and it's a good feeling for an INFJ to know someone will protect you.

I often believe the song "No Rain" by Blind melon can describe an INFJ at its most emotional in its soul search, and Pearl Jam's "No Way" as the opposite side of the coin, the Yin to the Yan so to speak of how INFJs can often feel when hurt...which is alot...and then you keep it to yourself and end up creating crazy schemes in your mind. It's a rare mind, thus like anything else rare it should be appreciated for its beauty as well as its darkness.

Till next time.

1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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