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Infj a blessing or a curse.

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I've never really done this sort of thing (posting a thread).I never possesed the attention to detail required to learn to spell or punctuate properly .So I hope you can forgive me . Im going to do my best.
Im 32 I've been in the militery since I was 17 mostly as an Infyntryman . the last grade I completed was 7th
After the GED I took the back door to the Army through the National Guard.I Recently found out I have mild Bipolar .That explained a few things but there were still many questions .Despite being uneducated and crazy LOL I've come along way and am in a very elite unit that required me to take the personality test .When I got the results I was stunned INFJ COUNSILER. I was sure this was wrong I knew that i was surely a WARRIOR With a boner if there were such a category.So I took the test five more times over two days changed answers I wasnt sure of and tried different formats and even acounted for mood swings.It remained INFJ.So I read and learned what the letters and there opposites ment and this explained alot but when I read the profile tears came to my eyes somebody understood me for the first time . I wasnt surprised that this group only makes up one percent ive never met another person that totaly identify with .I am able to see the future. I know peoples motivation befor they realise it. I can see good and evil in a strangers eyes. I know if our efforts are a waist of time. I know why god cast out the devil and why he rebeled.But the world continually lets me down, and logically answering instead of staring at the ceiling and trying to see it in my thoughts would be easier .It would definitly be easier to be in a army if people didnt drain me of all my energy its hard to recharge here.being able to stay focused instead of daydreaming all the time.

I've often wonderd how I
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I think INFJs are the most rational of feeler types.
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