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INFJ and ESTP Identical twins

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hello, this is my first time using any sort of forum and dont really know how it works but im learning through trial and error.

I am an INFJ and my brother, which is my identical twin, is an ESTP

I am wondering if this is a good combination and can help both individuals grow in their personalities and in ways of thinking. some background information is that me and my brother are popular individuals, we have good style and are said to be handsome, we know what we want in life and we both know that if we want something we can make it happen or go get it. we ussually dont fight because we learned to get along, regardless of our incompatibility we have always been a team, maybe not the best team, but we always were one. he would always come up with adventures and goals throughout our lives while i just tagged along and always threw in ideas and we always had fun together. He was always the leader. my writing is not as perfect as i can make it be because im not in the mood to use my "INFJ writing gift" please comment on your thoughts about this mixture and what the pros and cons would be. i want to know your thoughts about this so called "team" and how might we get along better and or grow as individuals.
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Not sure if you are checking this site still - but happy to take a try at responding to your post. I think its interesting to note that you both are different in all four of your expressions. I think it's particularly interesting that, over the years, you have learned to overcome your different ways of thinking to maintain a "team" feeling between you both. For example - I have seen the NF / ST difference cause significant communication tension in friends and couples.

I think as long as you are patient with each others' differences and appreciate/value what they bring to your team - you will both develop even more as people. An INFJ who can appreciate and learn from an ESTP becomes a more developed and rounded person (and the same vice-versa).

Hope that is helpful!
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