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INFJ Castle!

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Okay... let's say all us INFJs lived in a castle...

What person in the castle would you be? And for fun's sake... (Only 1 king!)

I'd want to be like an INFJ forester or assassin. :proud: Cleanse the wicked away in order to protect justice!
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It's hard to say.

I think I'd be the king's right-hand man. I'd act as an overseer, and take care of the little things that the King couldn't handle himself.

As for my past, I'd be a retired knight, known throughout the kingdom as a cold merciless warrior from stories told by those who fought alongside me in battle. Contrary to this, I'd greet everyone with a smile and act completely aloof-- always leaving people to wonder what I was really up to. ;)
And of course, I'd be the unlucky sod who gets sent off to bring you back.

who tames the unicorn
and runs away into the forest away from the arranged marriage
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I bow to no-one but the king! And even then sometimes I don't particularly want to. ;)
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Also of note, I'd probably be big and scary looking. And have a big scar on my face. You know, for effect.
As soon as you mentioned "Queen", a name popped into my head immediately.

I wonder if she'll see this thread...
Damn it! :dry:

We need a king to order me to assassinate people! Who will be king? (Or Queen?)
And now thanks to GC here, you'll all have to read this.

Link: I put on my robe and wizard hat
so basically when merlin goes hawkstyle on you youll be okay with that, after zomboy catches you in the forest and after you get past the moat with the crocodiles and after...

and then...

into my robe.
where all the magic happens. lol
And the Queen has arrived.

But you can still do all those things too. Always good to be well-rounded, eh?
Could apply for the position of Witcj/Soothsayer of the court of his majesty?
I have perfected the cackle, am working on the wart on the chin and the greenish tinge.
Have my own cards, chicken gizzards and entrails and scrying bowl.nemesis of Green Coyotes merlin.. it also means i get to have a love/hate thang going on with him..ohh la la
Alternatively if our Cstle is more like Camelot,Ii'm happy to be be Morgana le Fay, castle sorceress,..and nemesis to Green Coyotes Merlin, (It also means i get to have a love /hate thing going on with him, and saucy antics at certain times..oh la la , what could be better..easy access robes.

G. x
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If there's magic involved, I definitely want a magic sword or something. Or maybe a cursed sword. Hmm...
And the Queen's plan goes off without a hitch-- that is, until she finds out I've just been using her as a figurehead while I've seeped my influence throughout the kingdom.

Hehehe. Oh yes, everything will be mine... MINE!

And then as the magnum opus of my dastardly machinations comes together, you'll all find out that the 'kingdom' was in actuality just a medieval-themed restaurant with mental hospital inmates for employees. :)
The way this castle keeps up I might need to trade in my sword for a set of golf clubs.
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