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INFJ Castle!

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Okay... let's say all us INFJs lived in a castle...

What person in the castle would you be? And for fun's sake... (Only 1 king!)

I'd want to be like an INFJ forester or assassin. :proud: Cleanse the wicked away in order to protect justice!
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I am Merlin.

I have a hawk named silverwings too.
like on quest for camelot.

hell yeah...

but I will be supper fly and young.
wizards wear robes for easy access.
he he...
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who tames the unicorn
and runs away into the forest away from the arranged marriage

oh linus....

the arranged marriage with merlin!

didn't want him to get freaky with his hawk.
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And of course, I'd be the unlucky sod who gets sent off to bring you back.
merlin's bitches dont escape
go zomboy go!
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As soon as you mentioned "Queen", a name popped into my head immediately.

I wonder if she'll see this thread...

I hope she does...

make tree bob king and her queen!
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lol no i'm genuinely curious

this was a better emoticon :
so basically when merlin goes hawkstyle on you youll be okay with that, after zomboy catches you in the forest and after you get past the moat with the crocodiles and after...

and then...

into my robe.
where all the magic happens. lol
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oh that would be soo wonderful.

Goode we would eventually make an alliance... or just duel for fun.
ahh. to be the magical ones.
tis the life.
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Merlin likes to get his wand polished weekly! maybe twice a week, or more. :D
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Merlin casts fun speel in corner to make everyone find their soulmates and be happy!
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I am a neurotic unicorn who is obsessed with humans. My condition has deteriorated into multiple personalities and I have used my powers to create an alternate me in human form that haunts the castle in search of the human love of her life. Since it is my imagination that has created the human form ghost, I can take the form of a man or a woman and read the minds of the humans to appear as they desire.

So everyone in the castle always feels as if they are being watched and also have a relationship with this beautiful/handsome person they know, but no one else seems to know them. Anyone who allows themselves to get close to me have the gift of being healed by my powers.

Oh yeah, and the forester is on to me. Because he is an INFJ, he can sense the same essence in both the unicorn in the woods and the person he knows from the castle. :happy:
YAY for unicorns!

I think I would have more than one horn though if i was a horse... maybe two symetrical horns.
twins even.
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