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INFJ Castle!

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Okay... let's say all us INFJs lived in a castle...

What person in the castle would you be? And for fun's sake... (Only 1 king!)

I'd want to be like an INFJ forester or assassin. :proud: Cleanse the wicked away in order to protect justice!
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hmmm.... i could do the planting and growing, but i think we need to find someone more into the dark side to actually brew the things.... :mellow:

anyone volonteer to be the castle alchemist/witch/druid/sorcerer/pick your title...? :laughing:
i will do it, although most of the time it might end badly but I will give it a shot.

I might want to be the Fool though because I think it would be fun, or maybe someone in the band(band is my life)

So one of those three or all three or two, i am not really picky
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