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I'm a writer (not professionally, just in my spare time) and sometimes when I'm trying to figure out how a character should act, I decide on their personality type and then find information about this type.

Anyway, I'm CONVINCED that this character is an INFJ, and I've done research on INFJs and there are a few questions I'd like to ask the INFJs here so I can get a good idea of how my character would react in certain situations.

How do you act when you're scared? Especially if it's something sudden?

If you were interested romantically in someone, and they gave you a love note and then when you went to tell them that you returned their feelings, they ran away from you (because you hadn't had the chance to tell them before several hours had elapsed), what would you do?

Also, I've read on this forum that INFJs aren't touchy-feely and don't like to initiate touch. Is this the case in romantic relationships, too?
Q1: If I was scared, I would be very quiet and would stare at something particularly random. You would probably think I saw a ghost or something, but that's just my way of contemplating about the situation. I would probably lose breath when I'm surprised and get annoyed when you're a person I know:crazy:. I would also cling to them at times if I'm totally scared out of my wits.

Q2: I would probably look for them, but at the same time, I would give them space for both of us to think it through. But usually, I would run after them:blushed:

Q3: It really depends. If I'm not very comfortable with the person yet, I would probably feel very uncomfortable with the whole touchy thing. If I'm comfortable with the person, they shall expect a series of huggles from me!:crazy:
I don't have that special someone yet, but I'm just theorizing what may have happened.

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