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Hey Everyone,

I tested INTP in my teens while living under a controlling parent. Then I was pegged INFP by a therapist as a young adult. The INFP description was a reasonable fit, so I ran with it for most of my life. Something was never quite right about that, and it wasn't until I took the eneagram test and came out 1w2 that I began to question my INFP status. I identified strongly with 1w2, which is an oddity for an INFP but not an INFJ. The wheels in my head began to turn, and I started to notice other inconsistencies between me and typical INFPs. I'm obsessed with neatness and order, and I'm more action oriented than dreamy. I have no problem with deadlines at work, and often finish complex projects early. I'm extremely introverted, but socially competent and often perceived by others as extroverted. I'm married to an odd fit for an INFP, but she's nearly ideal for an INFJ. All of this contradiction compelled me to retest. After four tests from four different sources, I came out INFJ on three and INTJ on one. I've read that INFJ's are about as close as you can get to a T, which perfectly explains the outlier, as well as me testing INTP as a teen. This all came as a big surprise, but after reading many INFJ descriptions on this and other sites, it all makes sense now.

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