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Hello !

I am new to this forum :)

Sorry, my English is not perfect : I am actually francophone.

I am an INFJ. But I am very close the INTJ type as well. It is a pretty strange mix : there is a poet and a scientist often ''fighting'' inside of me :) That being said, I identify myself to the INFJ type more.

Can anyone help me on this ?

I recently met an ENFP.

I had just quit my girlfriend. A friend of mine invited me to hang out one night, and he introduced me to his female friends. One of them was ENFP. I enjoyed being with her - and everyone - but I didn't have any specific interest for her. We talked about literature, spirituality, mystique experiences.

The day after, my friend asks me if he can give her my email -- which was fine with me.

I then receive this crazy e-mail from her ! It was almost a love letter ! I'm not kidding. She said she had prayed for a light to come in her life, and that I was - without a doubt - that light. She also complimented me about my eyes, and said she hoped to see me again soon.

So we started exchanging emails. In subsequent emails, she would again show her interest, saying things like ''If winter is too tough on you, just tell me, and that will be solved !'' (she said that because I told her about my girlfriend and I breaking up, comparing this to winter).

We were about to see each other again... She seemed really enthusiastic about it.

What happened, though, is that I got back with ex-girlfriend. She asked me if any girl had an interest for me. I decided to be honest, and told her about this ENFP girl. She was extremely jealous, and asked me to write her that I would only be friends with her. Which I did.

On the other hand, it didn't last very long with my ex : only 3 weeks. So I am single again.

I started exchanging emails and SMS again with this ENFP girl.

Here's the problem :


You could say : well, you have disappointed her, etc.


Yet, she is sending those crazy messages again, basically saying we are soulmates, that her soul is always with me, that she visits me in my dreams, that she had prayed for a specific person to come in her life - and that she had seen, in her mystique experiences, that it was me -, etc. There are actually so many synchronicities between us, it's crazy.

...and we can't even plan a date. She cancelled at the last minute about 4 times.

How horribly weird is that ?

And you want to know about something even weirder ?

To be quite frank, I became angry. I hate when someone tries to play with me ! So I wrote her, telling her that I was no longer interested in talking with her at all, because I hate flaking. I was actually mean. I like being soft with people, but that situation just made me angry.

She then replied a looooooooong e-mail. Her subconcious mind seemed to be telling me ''No!!! Don't stop talking to me!!!''... But in that message, she insisted on the fact that she is a FRIEND, nothing more. Yet, in the same message, there would be other messages - quite clear in fact - saying that she could easily fall in love ?

Then, we started exchanging emails and SMS again. The same thing happened : she would insinuate that we are made for each other, etc.

I'm really interested by her ; but I don't know if I could stand her flaky personality. I don't know if there could even be a relationship to begin with, because we almost never see each other, haha.

Any advice ?

Thank you in advance :)
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