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I'm posting this thread, because I've been wondering if any other INFJs have noticed one thing about our type when it comes to fictional characters. When looking for some INFJs in fiction, I couldn't help but notice that there are very few female ones.
I mean, we do get some pretty incredible ones, there's Dumbledore, Lupin, Gandalf, Atticus Finch, etc.
But as a teenage girl I am looking for some role models, people that I could truly relate to. I don't mean to say that Dumbledore or Gandalf couldn't be role models - they most certainly are! - but I'd like to see some fictional characters that are my age, and therefore dealing with similar problems.

So, do you happen to know of any female characters in tv shows or movies, or in books, that are teenaagers, or that are simply women?

I know it sounds kind of shallow and exclusive, but I would really like to see myself in someone out there. Sometimes it really bothers me that I can't find anyone that would be my type in things like Skins, PLL, or even in John Green's books.
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