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Hello everybody
I'm new 100% INFJ, and very pleased to find out there are others! (Other INFJs that is). I guess a few points to mention. 1. Im not the shy type and guess could easily be mistaken for and E, but I like to hide for days at a time (he he) and turn my phone off so I can get some peace and thinking time, if don’t I actually get physically ill sometimes!!
2. I love to debate 3. I have playful sense of humour. 4. I was a terrible teen and had real hard time fitting in and was general nightmare for all that new me, as such I feel now I come a long way (nearly 30) excepted im a bit odd, realised my strengths and ended up happy and metal healthy! (I hope :unsure:) I have lots of friends and all is good.
I’m hoping you people will be kind enough to help me out with a few questions I have, I’m pretty new to forums and personality types (though I think I understand the theory quite well) not sure how much good my wisdom is but hay I'll give at crack!

Oh and ………
5. I seem to write a lot of random irrelevant woffle:blushed:

Thanks for reading my thing X

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Welcome to the forums sea cucumber! And we love getting more INFJs posting random (and not so random) thoughts... :happy:
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