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INFJ: Least Organized of J Types?

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I read somewhere - I can't remember if it was here or another website - that said an INFJ personality type is the least organized of all J types. I don't know many other Judgers personally to suggest they're more organized than I am and whatnot. I know I am definitely not a P, but I have noticed a tendency to organize in bursts. My room can go from being clean without a spec one day to a scattered desk and messy floor a few days later. I guess I don't bother cleaning it until it gets to the point where I'll lose track of where things are, which makes looking in the first place a chore in itself. Generally speaking, I'm not the type of person to impulsively want to make my bed the second I wake up; in fact, I find it humorous that I rarely make it while my ISFP brother does it the second he awakes.

I'm interested in hearing from other INFJs how you would rank yourself among other J types as more or less organized. And if someone could tie that in with how an INFJs' cognitive functions depict a sense of being less organized than other J types, that would be superb.
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I gurantee that I have you beat. And besides, INFJ's are far more anal about appointments and schedules than INTJ's. Aren't they? I dated an INFJ. I knew what time she would be in the shower, what time she would be eating, what time she began to floss. It was flawless. OK, it wasn't like this at all. Am I an INTP?
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I'm not a very tidy J. Well my home is tidy but my personal space is a disgrace :laughing:
I think it reflect our thought pattern. I don't know about any other INFJs but my thoughts tend to be random and all over teh place :blushed:
That makes sense to me, for a J I am not very tidy. I have wondered about that, I was even thinking about that today, because growing up my ENFJ sister's side of the room was clean, mine just wasn't. My house is clean enough I guess, it certainly could be cleaner. The window sills need dusting, there are the usual little semi-organized piles of papers and such laying around, but the dishes are done and the bed is made. Sometimes I just waste time wandering around putting things away and not getting much done. Other times I can really organize. Strange...
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I have friends who are ISTJ and INTJ, and I am far more organized than they are most of the time. The only two people I know in real life who are more organized than I am are my parents. My mom's an INFJ also, but I think her carefree, whimsical nature got broken down a little by my ESTJ dad. :laughing:

Eh, but then I go through phases where I'm in this sensual reverie. I can willfully trigger it in certain ways. I basically become extremely aesthetic and can't concentrate or care about anything except sounds and colors, which become very vivid. I become quite disoriented, spacy, and forget about pretty much everything. The month or so in which I first discovered this was when I started mistyping myself as INFP and ISFP.
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I also suffer from all of sudden cleaning attacks :blushed:
But as the others have also hit on, I have a schedule and hell will break loose if I deviate from it.
Oh I also have this strange panic attacks if I think I'm going to be late for being early... :tongue:
I think INFJ's are a bit less clean then other judging types because the J is more of a side thing. First of all, they use Fe as an extreme source of communication, then rely upon Ni second most. The third most oftenly used function by an INFJ is the I- they need to be alone in order to recharge and function properly. J is kinda a side letter, it's just there. So yes, they'll be on time for appiontments and other such details, but when it comes to order and cleanliness, it's just not as important.

Also, I think it depends on the person. Some INFJ's have more time to clean and keep tidy than others. Some INFJ's may be perfectionists and like to keep the house clean at all times, while others may not. It just depends on preference.
My room looks like a tornado hit it. Ideally I'd like it to be clutter free and extremely clean, but reality... says otherwise. :(

My preference is clean, organized, etc. Grrr oh well. I'm the least of clean and organized.
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I admit, my room is a little cluttered. It often takes an act of God before I'll change or alter anything. To put it simply, I have my own system and feel comfortable when I'm amongst familiarity and objective clutter. I used to collect and save everything I found and just leave them in odd places around the room. My serious weakness is collecting literature and stacking it all over the place.

At work, however, I prefer organization, simplicity and neatness. I would never want a co-worker to get the impression that I'm unorganzed.
I suck at being organized. I'm really attentive about some things, but other things I don't care. Time schedules I'm always on time, and I'll go through major bursts of cleaning (like randomly I'll clean my whole room in a day and leave it to die for another year).

For an INFJ internal organisation is more important than physical organisation so our personal spaces may end up a bit cluttered at times
I think that we have to remember that cleanliness does not determine whether you are a J or P. Cleanliness is a minor aspect of it. A better measure of J or P would be whether you need to plan things in advance and keep a monthly calendar or do you like to do things spontaneous and like to just go with the flow.

And even on that measure, I am a fairly weak J. I plan my actions, though I have my moments of being spontaneous. However, I'm just not someone who can just go on a vacation without ANY plan. It's just too much for me and I don't find it wise to do so. I am always late in the mornings... I've been late in the morning since I started kindergarten. I've tried to change, but it doesn't ever stay consistent... I always fall back to my original tendency. However, as for the rest of the day I'm usually on time.
When it comes to meeting deadlines, I will certainly procrastinate, but I will have it done and perfected by the exact time. When I have to be ready for work or have to teach a lesson or do a presentation or something I'll prepare well ahead and have everything organized.
So, as I like to say, I always APPEAR organized but leading up to that is a total scatter of chaos - its all merely an illusion.

I think its the N that makes me so random and scattered. I do believe I read that somewhere about cognitive functions that the N can make the J weaker. Now, are particularly INFJ's weaker than say, ENFJ's or INTJ's, for example?? Who knows.
I also suffer from all of sudden cleaning attacks :blushed:
But as the others have also hit on, I have a schedule and hell will break loose if I deviate from it.
Oh I also have this strange panic attacks if I think I'm going to be late for being early... :tongue:
And I should have mentioned that - yes, I certainly have my share of "cleaning attacks". I'm not one to always keep up with everything looking perfect and in order all day every day (I'm FAR from that). I will leave my clutter... for example, right now I really need to clean up the papers that are covered all over my desk and the papers I have on the floor from school. But there always comes a point where I look at all the junk I have laying around and have a "clean attack" where I throw out all the stuff I don't need and put away the rest.
Now that's just mostly in my own room and living room type area. In the kitchen I always like to keep it pretty clean... I guess it's because I used to waitress and worked in a bakery so now I always look at the kitchen as if it's a "work area" so I have to keep it clean and only have very minimal clutter.
For me, internal organization is reflected by my external organization. I aim to be organized (and almost always am). You can usually tell when I'm feeling bad because my side of the dorm room gets messier.
I'm highly organised. I've almost never failed to meet a deadline at work. On the rare occassions that I do, it's usually because someone hasn't passed me the information or materials I need to complete my task. Even then, I warn affected parties in advance that I'd be late and advise them when to expect the work. When it comes to organising events, I plan to the last detail. I'm the person with the lists, whether in hand or in my mind.

BUT I'm terribly messy. My work desk usually has disorganised stacks of documents all over it. My bedroom is neat, except at my desk and bed stand, where books and random items like hairclips and moisturiser are strewn over them. The funny thing is, I'd still know where all my things are in these messes. I have no problem retrieving what I need when I need it. If someone were to tidy up my things, I'd throw a fit. Things may be neat now, but I have no idea how to find my stuff.

I feel what's been said about internal organisation is very true. I'm organised in my head, even when it's all a physical mess. The main reason why my work desk is so "disorganised" is because finishing up my work is a lot more important to me than to clean up.
I clean and run errands every Friday. :tongue:
I always intend to be organised, but it doesn't always work out that way. Sometimes I leave things to the last minute, or I just don't notice the clutter around me. Other times I get started early and keep things tidy.

When I think about it a little bit, the things that I see as most important get done early or on time, and/or are kept tidy. The rest gets done when I get around to it, or when I notice that it needs doing.

I prioritise, but not consciously.
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I'll just add in that in general INFJs got low Te. We might still be prone towards organization but in a different way than TJ's are; we're perhaps more organized in a people-oriented ways I think (Fe) but we're still dominant Ni which is a form of introverted perception (Pi) and Fe is generally subdued to Ni which makes our Fe (Je) quite different than dominant extroverted judgers (EXXJ's) and that means our Ni nearly always goes before Fe and Fe is influenced greatly by Ni. In addition what determinate whenever we are J or P depends on our cognitive function order for the most part I think.
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Might this "rule" be applicable to INxJ's in general?

Once I've heard an INTJ say there are both 'highly organized' and 'scattered-ish' INTJs.
My INTx self belongs to that second category, hence the 'x'.
Might this be applicable to INxJ's in general?
I don't know if you addressed me but I'll answer anyway. Applicable to IXXJs but for ISxJs it is Si (Pi) rather than Ni (Pi). INTJs got Te rather than Fe so INTJs are generally more "organized" in a sense that Te is. The less preference towards introversion a IXXJ has the potential higher aux Je they might have. Extroverts (EXXX) are generally oriented towards their external environment but to remember that introverts aren't as much which will make IXXJs aux extraverted judgment (Je) significant different thanks to their dominant function (Pi for IXXJs, for ISXJs it is Si; for INXJs it is Ni). For example since INFJs have Ni it will at times make their Fe look like a sort of a pseudo Fi. Likewise it would not surprise me if for example INTJs Te will look somewhat like a pseudo Ti at times.
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