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INFJ Left-brainers? Is there such a thing?

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So I have recently come across a book that describes some of the differences between extraverts and introverts, one of my favorites sub-sections of personality temperaments. (The Introvert Advantage by Marti Laney). The book also differentiates between left-brained and right-brained introverts, something that I had never thought to consider when thinking about our own introverted type.

So I read through the descriptions, and even though I have always tested consistently as an INFJ (Feeling being a very important part of this), I keep getting directed in the left-brained direction, a process that is based on logic.

Which isn't really a problem except that it completely goes against the Feeling side of the inFj spectrum.

Some of the different traits between the two are:

Left-Brainers- analyze pros and cons before taking action, are usually neat and tidy, give concrete examples when describing something, are keenly aware of time, proceed one step at a time, likes to focus on one task at a time, is idea-oriented, seek exact solutions.

Right-Brainers- Playful in solving problems, respond to events with emotion, interpret body language easily, have a good sense of humor, improvise, use metaphors or analogies when describing something, deal with several problems at once, not realize all that you know.

I was wondering if any of you had ever tested you brain in this way, and are there any left-brained INFJs out there? And what does this mean in terms of our emotions if our brains by default are logic-based?

I'm open to any sorts of theory and discussion!
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It is interesting we tend to score even left/right on this test. I score that way historically. I would be interested to see correlation between results and personality type.

I think the results below are reasonable. I definitely use symbolic, concrete, and intuitive processes (not sure what to make of reality-based) heavily.

"... when contemplating something without concrete form, you may [...] attempt to understand what is trying to be processed in visual terms." Yes.

Left Brain Right Brain
47% 53%

Your Left Brain Percentages

47% Reality-based (Your most dominant characteristic)
42% Symbolic
27% Verbal
25% Logical
22% Linear
22% Sequential (Your least dominant characteristic)

Your Right Brain Percentages

55% Concrete (Your most dominant characteristic)
48% Intuitive
34% Random
32% Nonverbal
18% Holistic
16% Fantasy-oriented (Your least dominant characteristic)

I seem to also not do things very sequentially. I was making a sandwich for myself today and it was like I'd get a knife for the mayonnaise but then go to the fridge for some turkey and salami and cheese, grab the lettuce instead, open the jar of mayonnaise but still not put it on yet, open the bag of lettuce and wash some ... and so on. But I tend to find that odd considering how much I like things structured and decisions made. I practically never research something I have to decide on well. I just want to decide and make it work. Literally I picked graduate schools to apply to almost at random from a Princeton review list. If I get into any of them, I consider it ambitious of me that I actually want to tour the schools first before picking one.
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