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INFJ Left-brainers? Is there such a thing?

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So I have recently come across a book that describes some of the differences between extraverts and introverts, one of my favorites sub-sections of personality temperaments. (The Introvert Advantage by Marti Laney). The book also differentiates between left-brained and right-brained introverts, something that I had never thought to consider when thinking about our own introverted type.

So I read through the descriptions, and even though I have always tested consistently as an INFJ (Feeling being a very important part of this), I keep getting directed in the left-brained direction, a process that is based on logic.

Which isn't really a problem except that it completely goes against the Feeling side of the inFj spectrum.

Some of the different traits between the two are:

Left-Brainers- analyze pros and cons before taking action, are usually neat and tidy, give concrete examples when describing something, are keenly aware of time, proceed one step at a time, likes to focus on one task at a time, is idea-oriented, seek exact solutions.

Right-Brainers- Playful in solving problems, respond to events with emotion, interpret body language easily, have a good sense of humor, improvise, use metaphors or analogies when describing something, deal with several problems at once, not realize all that you know.

I was wondering if any of you had ever tested you brain in this way, and are there any left-brained INFJs out there? And what does this mean in terms of our emotions if our brains by default are logic-based?

I'm open to any sorts of theory and discussion!
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Left Brain Right Brain
47% 53%

Your Left Brain Percentages

37% Linear (Your most dominant characteristic)
34% Verbal
27% Sequential
25% Symbolic
21% Logical
7% Reality-based (Your least dominant characteristic)

Your Right Brain Percentages

44% Fantasy-oriented (Your most dominant characteristic)
38% Nonverbal
29% Intuitive
18% Holistic
17% Random
10% Concrete (Your least dominant characteristic)
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Didn't mean to hijack the thread with the test, but it seems most INFJ are fairly balanced in their left/right brain usage. I'm almost tempted to make the other types do it now...
Interesting. I know I'm an INFx, but if your theory is correct, I suppose I'm more likely to be an INFJ.
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