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INFJ Left-brainers? Is there such a thing?

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So I have recently come across a book that describes some of the differences between extraverts and introverts, one of my favorites sub-sections of personality temperaments. (The Introvert Advantage by Marti Laney). The book also differentiates between left-brained and right-brained introverts, something that I had never thought to consider when thinking about our own introverted type.

So I read through the descriptions, and even though I have always tested consistently as an INFJ (Feeling being a very important part of this), I keep getting directed in the left-brained direction, a process that is based on logic.

Which isn't really a problem except that it completely goes against the Feeling side of the inFj spectrum.

Some of the different traits between the two are:

Left-Brainers- analyze pros and cons before taking action, are usually neat and tidy, give concrete examples when describing something, are keenly aware of time, proceed one step at a time, likes to focus on one task at a time, is idea-oriented, seek exact solutions.

Right-Brainers- Playful in solving problems, respond to events with emotion, interpret body language easily, have a good sense of humor, improvise, use metaphors or analogies when describing something, deal with several problems at once, not realize all that you know.

I was wondering if any of you had ever tested you brain in this way, and are there any left-brained INFJs out there? And what does this mean in terms of our emotions if our brains by default are logic-based?

I'm open to any sorts of theory and discussion!
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I haven't take any tests to check which side is dominant (I would not trust tests on this issue anyways, only an actual scan :p) but I started out as ambidextrous and from what my parents told me had good command of both hands. I still remember when I was a kid I'd take two pencils into both of my hands and then would draw on same drawing with both pencils simultaneously. Then I switched to writing with my left hand sometime in 3rd grade, though I can still write with my right hand somewhat OK. Right now I have some kind of weird division of tasks between my two hands. There are some tasks that my right hand can do that my left hand struggles with, and vice versa. All in all I'd say I'm more right brained than left brained. My right eye sees worse than my left eye. Whenever I get sick, I always get sick more on the right side of my body. Whenever I get colds flu or even pneumonia it is always the right side that gets more congested and the right lung that takes longer to recover.

I've read of a few sources trying to map MBTI functions onto hemispheres but there seem to be conflicting results. For example I read somewhere that Te maps to left side of brain while Ti maps to right side of brain, and same with Fe that Fe maps to left brain and Fi to right side. All in all I'd say unless you are in neuroscience it doesn't really matter much where exactly your functions map to.

Here are some references if anybody wants to learn more about neurology behind MBTI:
#8 Neurology Marries Psychology - Philosophy Unveiled -
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