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I've never studied left-brain/right-brain differences, but just because we are INFJ doesn't mean we are simply "feelers" and thus illogical. If you think about it, Ni and Fe are largely unconscious. We pick up on vibes and understand how to interpret them without having to think it through. It's not until we get to Ti where we are consciously thinking about things. Ti is logical and objective for the most part. I'd venture a guess that INFJ's make use of their Tertiary function more than any other type. Therefore I'd say that we are pretty fucking logical (or at least the potential is there).

Just took the test and got 52% left and 48% right.

EDIT: Been thinking about the implications of a 50/50 left/right brain usage. I'm pretty certain the results are accurate (or close enough). My dad did LSD every weekend (at least) for a period of over 3 years before I was conceived. Not to mention I have experimented with Salvia and Ecstasy so perhaps that is another reason.
1 - 2 of 40 Posts
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